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  1. Great way to boost your IG stats! Try out Boostfy for a free 7-day trial!

  2. 06_Let_Loose_124bpm.thumb.jpg.94259fc33ea653afcb1c63b3b651defa.jpg


    Roymega - Let Loose (instrumental); the 6th instrumental released from Roymega's upcoming project: The Beats, Vol. 7 (2018). The 'Let Loose' instrumental is set to be released over most major streaming services June 8th! 


    Pre-order it on Amazon! https://amzn.to/2JpGjAu
    Pre-save it on Spotify! https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/roymega/dw5B


    Like what you hear? Head over to https://roymega.beatstars.com for licensing and pricing info. Like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like the beats! The Beats, Vol. 7 by Roymega will be officially released October 12th, 2018.

  3. My beat store is up and running! Roymega Productions Check it out and lmk what you guys think!

    1. ImKeN

      Looks great! 👍

    2. Peggy

      Nice Ryan!! Congrats!! 

    3. Roymega

      Thanks guys!

  4. Never been afraid to say what's on my mind at any given time of day #renegade

  5. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

  6. Is there a pill I can take to make people less annoying? I'm about to require & administer IQ tests to converse #STFU

  7. That's what she said

  8. RT @ZodiacFacts: A #Libra is that rare combination of good looks and intelligence.

  9. Keep it simple stupid

  10. So they just took everyone on the floor off the phones @Alorica #wootwoot

  11. RT @jcrein19: @RyanRoymega lol miss you too !!! We can tweet at each other now sweet! ðŸ‘

  12. Very nice RT kelsey_archer: Pulled my first official college all nighter, on a wednesday night?? #nostudyinginvolved #shit @KenzySue

  13. Just cause I like to eat doesn't mean I cook #rulesofman

  14. I wonder if anyone's ever passed out mid-piss #lifequestions

  15. Last call = ding, fights on

  16. RT @ZodiacFacts: As a #Libra to others you appear charming, optimistic, socially adept, and accepting.

  17. I hate seeing people get walked all over #tooempathetic

  18. You won't find the answers to life in any quote or lyric, only by living it.

  19. How the hell do you lock a convertible?

  20. I love when a girl tells me I smell delicious #Firehouse

  21. Don't count on anyone but yourself

  22. "Dude I gotta poop now" -@Dante_labbe

  23. this weekends gonna be interesting #tosaytheleast #letsgetweird

  24. Has watched a chick text for 15 minutes while sitting on the only bench I need #GTFO

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