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  1. Brand New Brand New song.. Mysteriously appeared on Reddit for a short period on New Year's Eve.. Notable because Brand New announced Science Fiction (released Oct 20 2017) would be their last and final album and be retiring as a band.
  2. No worries, I'm glad I could stir up some constructive conversation 😎
  3. I wouldn't go as far to say that things created are never planned. I know what you're saying though. Today's DAWs are so fluid that you may think you're not planning your creation, but that's exactly what you're doing, in real time. The planning is happening between your ears 😉
  4. Very interesting method of madness you have there Tanya lol, what DAW do you use primarily?
  5. I love syncopation! But it almost always happens by accident rather than intentionally, for me at least.
  6. Roymega

    The Beats, Vol. 7 (2018)

    The Beats, Vol. 7 (2018) drops on October 12th, 2018! Everyone get ready to be inspired!!
  7. From the album: The Beats, Vol. 7 (2018)

    Official album art for Roymega's upcoming instrumental "What's Happening To Me?". Check out the YouTube video here:

    © Roymega Productions

  8. Where do you guys draw your inspiration from when creating new beats/instrumentals? I tend to focus on an emotion and get the drums sounding good and then go from there but I'd love to hear some of your guys' process!
  9. From the album: The Beats, Vol. 7 (2018)

    Album art designed and created by Roymega.

    © Roymega Productions

  10. Have you looked at FL Studio by chance? It gets overlooked when comparing other DAWs because I guess it's seen as amateur-ish, but everything I've seen done in ProTools or Ableton or Reason, I've been able to do easily in FL Studio as well.
  11. Which can be said about any of the DAWs you decide to use. Like I said in my original response in this topic, it usually comes down to whatever one you feel most comfortable in. Which for me is FL Studio, because it's what I started with.. for you it might be Cubase; in which case, you may want to consider supporting the creators of that software by purchasing a full version. Or continuing to try different trial/free versions of other DAWs til you find one that suits your needs.
  12. If Cakewalk allows plug-ins I guarantee it does.. sidechaining is such a small hiccup in the production game though, that if that's stopping you from committing to a DAW, then screw me I guess.. I suppose you did say you wanted to produce EDM though huh? Might as well bite the bullet and buy a copy of FL Studio like Avicii (RIP)
  13. When I worked in tech support, we used the term "operator error" often.
  14. It's all about how much time you take to get to know the DAW's layout and interface.. almost all DAW's provide the same features and functionality.. I stick with FL Studio because I started with it and learned the in's and out's that a lot of people that poo-poo it don't know about.. Sucks to be them.. Buy another DAW and be let down when it provides the exact same thing but in a more complicated manner.. FL Studio is very user friendly for mapping out 'beats' and instrumentals, and if you take the time to learn the DAW itself, just as good and useful (if not better because of it's simplicity) as Avid Pro Tools, the "industry standard".
  15. Since I've got Eddie on the brain.. Pearl Jam - Release! Will only let a link be displayed. (No embedding) https://youtu.be/iPUwtyZglQI
  16. Geez I think someone has a crush on EDIE.. 😉
  17. Great way to boost your IG stats! Try out Boostfy for a free 7-day trial!

  18. 06_Let_Loose_124bpm.thumb.jpg.94259fc33ea653afcb1c63b3b651defa.jpg


    Roymega - Let Loose (instrumental); the 6th instrumental released from Roymega's upcoming project: The Beats, Vol. 7 (2018). The 'Let Loose' instrumental is set to be released over most major streaming services June 8th! 


    Pre-order it on Amazon! https://amzn.to/2JpGjAu
    Pre-save it on Spotify! https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/roymega/dw5B


    Like what you hear? Head over to https://roymega.beatstars.com for licensing and pricing info. Like, comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like the beats! The Beats, Vol. 7 by Roymega will be officially released October 12th, 2018.

  19. From the album: The Beats, Vol. 7 (2018)


    © Roymega Productions

  20. From the album: The Beats, Vol. 7 (2018)


    © Roymega Productions

  21. From the album: The Beats, Vol. 7 (2018)


    © Roymega Productions

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