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  1. Hi John, I understand what you’re saying and you are correct. I was describing when I’m doing a marketing budget for a band or gig, the bullet points I mentioned are what I use. For me it describes the individual discrepancies that make up the whole picture of how to break even and what to charge a promoter. That's why I would ask those questions.
  2. Your questions are giving me ideas for zine content. Producer Pitch - This is the age of selfie videos. Everybody and their great grannies have ideas. Producers are busy people, they might watch you on their phone if you’re lucky and somebody they trust sends the link to them. Good quality sound and video production will get their attention more than the other artists. Even if you're both beating garbage cans. Show you are committed and experienced, not just an idea. If you look good or dress great that helps too, even if you aren't on stage.
  3. Costs depend on when/season, what cities, what platforms, what genre, how many heads reach, how many sales per reach. Looking for cost and income stats to consult for a band, event or label, l I’d ask that, for practical purposes.
  4. Social Media - From being on quite a few platforms over a few years, I found it’s which platform is popular at the time. The problem is keeping up takes a lot of time. The music industry is a job or people have day jobs. How much me time do you want to give up?
  5. I asked Deborah Paulino, custom stage wear designer at RFDecouture in San Francisco. Deborah says stage wear that stands out is a must! What to wear and how much depends on the act, context and audience. “ A lot of costume, such as MAW, is cabaret. Nothing wrong with that, just a different act and look to, say, Fat Freddy’s Drop. FFD lockdown stage look is grunge mixed with funkadelic. FFD are a funk reggae live trance christian band. Mouthful, but great musicians. There are advantages to full costume cabaret and anonymous artists, as touring acts can explain. On the other hand Jimmy Hendrix’s, Janis Joplin’s, New York Dolls’ and Rolling Stone’s stage looks were created by fashion stylists. Such as Marlene Dupont, hired by their record labels. Tie dye t-shirts were invented by Rit Dyes' marketing manager. A promotion at Woodstock Festival in 1969 for Rit's new vivid color chemical dies. Mix psychedelic drugs with any clothes and it becomes cult fashion. Except EDM, where anything goes, including gay bondage. Johnny Rotten’s punk look was created by fashion designer Vivian Westwood In each case there’s the artist, circumstance and a third party set of eyes. Define a look that’s contemporary to your here and now and original. Ask your besties, or record label, if it looks good on you on camera and stage. “ Keep in touch for when the full version of this article is published. (Sorry, couldn’t ready your piece. It was copied into a blog, which is rendered php, not an unformatted html page:)
  6. Seeking bands and music industry speakers and instructors for streaming. Bands to feature on Haight Ashbury Youtube and instructors on GigsList.info Youtube. All genres and ages welcome, does not have to be hippie or tie dye. Haight Ashbury San Francisco’s first official online festival. Celebrating over 100 years of arts and music innovation in Haight Ashbury. Instagram @HaightAshburyFestival Songstuff Moderators - Is it ok to post calls for bands and instructors? (Couldn’t find a Contact Moderator link. Sorry)
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