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    El Diablo Songwriter
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    Lyricist, composer, audio recording, production, performance, mixing, mastering
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    1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, High School Marching Band, My Parents had us kids playing in their band for about 5 years playing the 50s and 60s rock

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    programming in Delphi and SourceMod, creating new music
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  1. No offense... I think NO EP... cause I was creating songs at 3-5 minutes... then switched to 60 second songs and got triple the views! (Edit: People's mind spans aren't like they used to be... they can't handle but so much now-a-days)
  2. I'm guessing the other 2.7 billion is in prison?
  3. Look for #originalsong artists on YouTube that plays only a guitar and sings...(There's like hundreds of thousands of them) then ask them if you can remix their song. Post your remix / remaster and the original song links here! You'll show the original song from YouTube and your remixed version from YouTube... I recommend that you don't use the same video they used, even with permission. I plan to just use a blank screen with credits on them, including how to locate the original song and artist. I understand this could take a couple of weeks or so, because you've gotta wait for a response from them, if it's okay or not, then you've gotta do the remix / remaster... I'm putting in my requests today... I've done something similar before and it's pretty fun. The main challenge will be splitting their vocal from the guitar (I use Remix from Acon Digital, but IZotope has RX Music Rebalance (which I found isn't as good as Acon Digital). There's a few other software that can do it, but those two are the best as far as my knowledge goes. I then use Melodyne from Celemony to enhance the vocals (de-essing) (putting the singer on key) without making them sound like robots. I also use Melodyne to create a Tempo Map of the song, import the tempo map into Reaper, then I can add bass guitar, piano, and drums (depending on song genre). Cakewalk by Bandlab can create Tempo Maps of tracks, if you drag the track UP until it turns blue, then drop it. On finalization, I use IZotope Ozone 10 Standard & Sonible Smart Limit & Waves SSL G-Buss Compressor (Glues the music together) If you don't mind sharing your secrets to creating a remix / remaster, let us know how you did it
  4. I didn't realize I was in the introduction area of the form and not the area where people actually ask for it to be reviewed. Sorry.
  5. YouTube, being a video based place kinda wants a video instead of just music... So, I use Vizzy.io most of the time. I've tried A.I., but that's really expensive and very time consuming! I thought about using Cartoon Animator 5 I bought last year to make my next one, but I'll probably just end up using Vizzy.io instead, because it's quick and easy to use.
  6. I'm no doctor, but if I had a hard time breathing, I would use something that I've used in the past that has given me practically doubled my lung capacity.... https://www.vitaminshoppe.com/p/oxydrene-nad-60-capsules/n9-1012 I actually have it on hand if I ever need it. It takes about 15 minutes to start working and works better .. the more you move around. Personally, I have gotten covid when I was in Las Vegas, NV. All that happened to me was a change in taste and smell which never went away... Gas still smells like Covid, and Gatoraid tastes like gasoline smells. I stopped drinking alcohol because it tasted like Covid. Nothing to what you have been thru. The Gods can read my texts too... so please be kinder to John and heal this guy
  7. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry at your comment ...
  8. A "Song Critique" involves analyzing and providing feedback on a musical composition, considering elements like lyrics, melody, harmony, rhythm, and overall production. It aims to offer constructive insights to help improve the song's quality or identify its strengths and weaknesses.
  9. Do you really think y'all have a spam problem on this website? Cause, I currently don't see that issue.
  10. I have to go incognito in order to see which forums or topics that can be seen by members only. Is there a 🔒or 🔐or something that can give me a visual of I'm in that kind of members only area? P.S. tried to update quickly, but "New posts within a short time frame are limited. Please wait 14 seconds before submitting."
  11. I listened and commented, thumbs up, on your song. I'm not much of a person that enjoys vibrato in a voice and I particularly do not enjoy slow songs. You have a good voice that is on key, but the songs reach out to those with tastes that I can not fathom. I enjoy songs of the Rock, Pop, Western (not country), and Alternative Rock genres. I may explore other genres. Classical genres and Opera isn't my cup of tea. Overall, you sing very well and I did enjoy that much.
  12. Maybe the Add a comment box could use a darker bolder... To highlight it better for the older blind guys like me 🤪
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