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  1. Grant Lee Phillips - Hickory Wind =)

  2. I suck at givin critique. But I love getting, and I can really just say what I want when I post. If it's all encouraging it's not a constructive critique. Give me negative critique that I can grow on it. I won't grow on "yeah you did good". But then again if I did good, of course I want to hear that to. I love it when people that has serious experience tell me that I did a technical failure, like the scan is not right, or the language is wrong. Because that's the most constructive kind of critisism. When people tell me they didn't get the message, I go into the lyrics, and try to find out if I want to make it more understandable, though sometimes its supposed to be hard to get... To a certain point. My point is that there is no use in asking for critisism if you don't want something to work on. No one gains anything from plain encouragement. And I know I don't want encouragement if I havn't earned it. That said, I don't expect anything when I post. I know I'm not good at giving critiques away, so then I can't expect anything back. But I try to say my views of it.
  3. That was pretty cool... Looks like hell to learn to play it though:p
  4. Well.. I think in that movie, it was after that break around 0:40 that the drummer accelerated the tempo. So the drummer choose himself what speed they're going at. So it didn't go little by little I think. But its way cooler and impressive to do it gradually! But alot harder to. The drummer is really the boss behind the tempo. Whatever he does, you have to follow. So just tell him to accelerate as you go.
  5. Check out John Fogerty's Ramble Tamble. He plays it both solo and with CCR. There he shows you what it means to play WITH your co-band members, and not with your clicker:p It's amazing what you can do if you really connect with other people. It's rare, though, so... In the bluegrass band I play I think we just doubles and half the tempo, as mentioned earlier. That's the easiest way, no question about it. But if you find some rule about how it is done, I'd be thrilled to hear about it! But totally agree with others here that metronome can be overused. I underuse it though, so... Another way I've used sometimes is to make a break, and that for instance the bassist or drummer count it up again in a short buildup. That makes it look kinda cool to! Good luck mate:)
  6. woah ! Norway always have amazed me ! esp. Norwegian Black metal !

  7. Damn! Old topic, but I'll bump this to! Have anyone used one of those boxes you put between your amp and cabinet to make the volume lower even when you have a highwatt amp? I have an 20watt that I absolutely love, and would like to record it when I play it on 11:p But will ruin the signal, or just descretly turn down the master volume? I don't know what its called, but. Hopefully someone knows what I mean and can say where to get one and what they're called.
  8. LarryByrd

    Double Bass

    I see its 2 years since this post, but I was gonna write a similar post, so I rather bump this one. I started playing doublebass 1,5 months ago. I was in the band with a girl my age (21) and her father had heard me play and appearantly thought I was adequate musically to play in his bluegrass band. So now I play with 5 people who's been in the business longer than I have lived, 3 of them professional teachers, and with the girl I mentioned earlier, who also sung since she was a little girl. It's a really weird situation, and I obviously ain't in their league. But it's very fun, and extremely educational. I've learned more about bass and music these 1,5 months than just as much years of guitar playing. Its really hard, and I have to practise alot, but its really worth it! So this summer I'll be playing in a Norwegian Country Festival, and do a warm up gig for The Isaacs (Yikes!) So I hope anyone out there got some tips or trick, or knows some good training techniques? Anything is of interest! Thanks =) Larry
  9. What are your opinions about people with shitty voice, but great feel and mojo. I'm thinking like, though not necessarily Neil Young and Mark Knopfler on their bad days. Obviously they are great. But sometimes they don't even hit the note. Especially Neil Young. Listen to Like A Hurricane live. But I love the performance! So my question is, should you keep your voice to yourself if you aren't a good singer, or should you just dont give a f*** and perform as good as you can, and see what happens? Or should you have such decency that you keep it to yourself:p? And do you know what it takes to be good, eventhough you suck? Is it enough with feel? My opinion is that songs can get great, even if your voice is bad, but I don't think I would take that risk on stage.
  10. Hey dudes. Wanna buy me a new guitar, and found a lovely Martin DCX1EK at my local shop. As I am in Norway it is fairly expensive, but everything is. Approximately 1300-1500 $. But that is the price that has to be paid in my shitty country. The thing is! I found another Martin on net later that night. The DC 16 GTE for 1800 $. I'm always sceptical to buying on net without trying, but I am in a position where I can't try nothing but the DCX model. So what does the crowd think about my dilemma? Go for the safe and slightly cheaper DCX, or gamble on net for the slightly more expensive DC GTE ? The plan was really to buy some small things to my homestudio, or a resonator guitar, but I loved the Martin so, that I think I'm ending up on a new acoustic guitar, even though its a little more expensive than my plan was. Hope someone has some good answers.
  11. Mark Knopfler is absolutely phenomenal! His latest album 'Get Lucky' was awesome! Robbie Roberston if you want to check out some old stuff. He wrote most of the stuff for The Band. The Band has great lyrics! Check out The Saga Of Pepote Rouge and Ophelia. Those two are my favorites.
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