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  1. My inability to understand how to use the reply and quote stuff RTFM as they say
  2. I first used Cakewalk Guitar Tracks. Then bought Reaper - I tried it and bought and use it for all sorts of stuff now. It's the one I know most about - though I don't know very much! I have actually bought Reaper twice as my deal only saw it through two version numbers (3 and 4) so I bought 5 when doing a potential project with a friend and there was some functionality that I wanted I have copies of Garageband - which I have occasionally used for drums but very rarely Ableton Live 8 - which I have never really got round to using Sonar Home Studio - which again I haven't really used Tracktion 6 - which I have but have never really looked at For me Reaper does what I currently need but like people who acquire guitars I tend to grab good offers on DAWs if I see them (like FREE) - just in case Mostly I use Reaper as part of a practice workflow rather than using it as a DAW for recording "proper projects". I play and sing with two friends. We meet up and I record on my (old) Zoom H2. Download into Reaper and edit, normalise and tweak bits and bobs in there and then send back to other members. Occasionally add extra tracks in etc but I just find it easy to use and do things like that in it and then create and export a bunch of mp3s And I use it to record keyboard ideas and (very) occasionally do things with drums (this is a cover that shouldn't probably be on reverbnation but hasn't been taken off yet - https://www.reverbnation.com/nickblair/song/28856761-harvest-for-the-world - if the links a problem delete it) and that's probably as complicated as I do these days The intention is to do a more 'proper' project and I'll use it then
  3. Nick

    You have a tiny little issue in your 'Get Chord Notes from Chord Name' tool which otherwise works very well

    When you choose a chord - for example D major in the pic - it returns the chord nortes you have asked for but does not retain what you have chosen. It reverts to the default on the drop downs of C major regardless that you may have chosen G#11b5 or whatever


    Minor point





    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nick

      And you've fixed it.

      I got there because you were on line when I was and I followed where you were looking. And as it interested me I had a look

      Most people don't stalk you that way I'm sure :)



    3. john

      Lol all launched now anyway. I know how you were able to see it. More useful for some of our upcoming developments so that launch is more "taddah!" and less "pffft" lol

      i discovered the same bug on a few of the tools. All fixed now. Hopefully you will find the hub useful overall. :)

    4. Nick

      You have always run a good site. It's a fine resource

      I hope it's made you some pennies over the years.

      So now - after many years - lyric if I find the right place to put it

  4. I'm using it at work at the moment to test some things on and my initial reaction is very positive. I find it very simple to use with no need yet for any instruction. I installed the test version from download and just started running software on it. Easy to navigate with many of the nice features of both 7 and 8 - traditional start menu but easily accessible programs by just typing and searching from the desktop. I'll see if I can try a bit of music on it. We have a 64bit and 32bit version at work and both seem to be very straightforward - though I doubt there will be many who run the 32bit version (we have an older piece of software I am testing and it runs very well which came as something of a surprise!) And - yes - every indication that it will be the last Windows with constant additions and modifications. Edge the new browser works well and so far is less clunky than IE So far so good
  5. Haven't quite worked out the font sizes on this site - I just increased the small post to 18pt and that is NOT 18pt type. Anyway... I am meeting up with someone tomorrow night who would like me to play some of his fiddle tunes for some gigs that he has written and work out some accompaniments. He is a guitarist/banjo/mandolin etc player so will no doubt have his idea of what he wants. Also quite keen that I use a DADGAD like sound etc Which is well and good. So my aim is to as quickly as possible get to know those tunes so that I can add to them hopefully. I have decent ears for fiddle tune accompaniment and have sat in quite a lot of sessions so I reckon tomorrow will probably go like this (with one BIG proviso which I'll put further down). For each tune I'll ask him to play through it and just try to get a feel of playing along as I hear it to get some thought of how I think it might go At the same time I'll record what we do on my little Zoom H2 recorder so that I can take it to bits at my leisure If he has the dots too I'll grab a copy of them to save me time working them out. If he hasn't no problem I'll also ask him how he hears it and whether there is a chord progression that he has I will want to know the structure and whether or where it repeats I probably also want to know how much he is prepared for me to do it my way That tends to be the way that I'd work with something new. But in short my aim is to find out as much about it as quickly as possible so that I can make a positive contribution. If it is an Am - Em - G thing we'll get there quite quickly and I can then go away and really get to know it. If it has lots of precise and important changes then I'll need something more precise. if it doesn't work out that way I'm quite happy for us to work out how we get to the point where I can play it with him so that we are both happy and satisfied so that we can make it better and better until we really 'know' it. But my way isn't everyone else's. If someone hasn't got great ears for chord structures or whatever there is no point, in my view, in letting it get in the way of a decent result in a short period. The few things that I have written and the songs that I play often exist in little books (if I'm organised) or scraps of paper. And if someone else wants a three bars of C and two bars of D and then three of F etc approach I probably already have it to offer. As I say in my mind the aim is to get to playing as quick as possible with as few barriers as possible. We had a young fiddle player who was going to come and play who wasn't sure what we wanted. So to help I sent along a recording of the song, a midi file, and a suggestion of the sort of thing that I heard in my head. BUT with lots of things saying 'you bring what you want - it doesn't need to be like this'. It seemed easier than spending hours of time potentially wasting four or five people's time in person. And once you have done it once you always have it to give to someone else. Just my view I wonder what size the font will be this time...
  6. Everyone you play with will be different. It's important to get on with people generally. I don't think you could play very long with someone you genuinely can't stand. Personally I've fallen out with lots of people in bands mostly though my propensity to drink lots. Don't do that these days so hopefully that will make it easier for others! How quickly people pick things up is such a range. I am lucky to have played with some people who are VERY quick to pick things up and have wonderful ears and musical abilities. I've also played with people who relatively take ages to pick things up. And then would take eons working on every nuance of light and shade on the song. Only to play it completely different when we played it live so it was a bit of a frustration. I'm off to Scotland in a couple of weeks to meet up with a friend who is a very able professional musician. I'm the lucky one in that he will put up with me. When we used to play a few gigs he used to launch into fiddle tunes or songs that I had never heard or played and he trusted that I'd probably be ok - and I probably was. But later in the year I am supposed to be playing at a public gig in quite a big venue with someone who I only know a bit and for that one you can bet that I will want to be much better prepared. Best thing is probably to ask. And if the music is worth it and it sounds good and doesn't drive you mad then it is worth the initial (relatively small) pain.
  7. Nick

    Finger Or Pick?

    I play chords with my thumb
  8. I haven't played in a band for the last couple of years which I miss. I love playing in decent sessions when people let me and am currently working on a thing with Alistair for a charity thing he is doing. Sing in singarounds and the odd open mic which sometimes work well but that is the limit. Was up in Arran not so long back and had the most fun I'd had for probably 4 years. Summer day. Beautiful view. Nice harmonies. Smiles. As it happened with no practice - usual stuff for me and pinching the best songs in life because I can't write The first I love because I love the song even though everything went wrong The second I think Nickey's harmonies towards the end are lovely The last one is just fun http://dl.dropbox.com/u/83110759/Nickey/caseof.mp3 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/83110759/Nickey/sweetheart.mp3 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/83110759/Nickey/sweetman.mp3 End of the year we'll do it again together. I feel a huge pressure to write. If I do you'll be the first to hear
  9. When my son started playing he used to post his instrumental tunes here and people used to comment - (example: http://www.soundlift.com/band/music.php?song_id=208731) and be supportive and positive (not sure about the mad father comments though they may be right - and he'll kill me for posting that) So I thought I'd return and give you a wee progress report because there was a post I read earlier of 'does anyone know anyone' / 'is there any hope out there' / etc etc Zander went off to college to play guitar and is on track to get his degree next year but still gets the chance to support bands like Malefice, have an EP produced by Justin Hill (ex Sikth) and last night won a competition with his band that will take them to play in Quebec - http://www.envoletmacadam.com/en/planetrox/canada-est/ Hi John - glad the site is well Still trying to sneak a little local gig when he visits in a few weeks http://whenourtimecomes.bandcamp.com/ (my favourite is Test the Waters) Nick
  10. My son bought a Diezel Einstein recently - beats me how a few electrical component can be that expensive. I should hear it in about a month's time when he comes home so I'll see. Quite a loud beast I believe
  11. Sing the solo you want to play - either out loud or in your head - and play it. Likely to be a lot more musical too and more enjoyable. The other thing is to improvise based on the tune you are playing rather than 'just improvise'. One of the thing that really makes me want to go home is to be sitting in an informal jam and people start playing 'blues'. Usually by the second one you realise that a lot of people improvise by playing the same thing over everything! A good blues to improvise over is 'Nobody Loves You When You're Down and Out' - absolutely knackers the '5 note blues pentatonic with a quarter bend here and there' mechants because it sounds crap. If you start with the tune and branch out from there and can make something that sounds good you are on the way. I sat in another thing recently and was baffled by the fluent, but depressing guitarist who couldn't work out why a major and a minor blues sound different. The tune is a good starting point though. Even just playing the tune on an instrument rather than a voice sounds different. If you then amend emphasis and start to move away from the tune - but still being aware of it - it's a good place to be. Oh the other thing that I remember someone pointing out is that a lot of blues playing is about creating tension and then (at some point) resolving it. Much great playing lives in that idea. Lazz once pointed to a Victor Wooten book (the first chapter is on line I think) which was about feel for music rather than necessrily technique (though he is an awesome player himself)
  12. I cam across this in Computer Music and thought it an interesting thing - though I have to say I'm sceptical as to how it could work well. Also my cmputer is not a high enough spec to cope - you need quite a beast so I might ry a track at work. Be interested as it has some interesting possibilities. Hit n Mix site.
  13. All three. A slide on a string gives a different effect to a bend. A slide goes between notes in semi tones and depending on how swiftly you slide as to how noticeable it is. A bend is much smoother and covers everything between the two note if that makes sense. A bend is more like the MOD knob on my midi keyboard. Some people push and some people pull when they bend - Albert King was a puller and Clapton is a pusher (oo err can I get arrested for libel for that?)
  14. I should have bought it but didn't but such is life. Just need a band to play with at the moment
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