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  1. I've just posted in an old thread it seem there's quite a few people who don't have a good word for Paramount Song, hey! I'm one of those people, I wouldn't dream of giving them a dime for anything, but every cloud has a silver lining, and I also believe every company even the crap ones have legitimate departments, I think what I'm trying to say hear is I've been offered a chance to pitch to professional country artists, albeit from Paramount Song, and the way see it there's no way on earth I'll ever give them money for anything in conection with the offer, I can't see where they could even broach the question of asking for money when in essence they're asking for your help by sending in full songs, words and music, we all know how hard it is to get a break in this industry, so right here with this offer I see a break, an oppertunity, one I can't pass up, if it doesn't work out, all I've lost is a little time, I was hoping to find one or two composers who were like minded, I'm just a lyricist, I need someone with composing skills to team up with me to at least give this a go, if like me you've all tried different angles to get a break, well this is just another of those, what if it's the one you've been waiting for and you pass it up, how many more will you get, me personally I'll give anything a shot, if it doesnt work out, I just move on to the next, but at least I won't look back and wonder somewhere down the line, maybe I shaould have tried! have a nice day. jon bek I've since done some more searching on the net etc, and decided maybe this isn't qute what I first thought it to be. Thanks for all the input guys.
  2. Yes I have Havan't I I didn't realise I've posted in an old thread, guess I got a little engrossed with everyones andswers, I'll just leave you all with a few words. I can understand all the sceptisism I'm hearing, I'm in that loop as well, but, I can't for ther life of me see where or at what stage during the proccess of accepting songs or say in my case pitching songs for professional artists who are in search of material, at what stage or for what reason could they possibly ask for money, thats the bit that plagues me a little, I don't think for a moment that they would ask for payment for actually pitching a song, that what has me stumped in all this, yes they all have there own A&R teams but artists never seem to have enough material, and when that occurs they reach out to companies like paramount along with others I might add, in the hope of finding fresh material, all these recording companies who run yearly or even monthly competitions are constantly on ther lookout for new talent, and the yearly competitions have a final prize of a recording contract for the winner, amatour one day professional the next, there's sometimes a fine line.
  3. Yea People I had much the same run in with paramount song a few years ago, but I quickly sused them for being shysters if you like, all they were after was your money I totally agre with what you've all said, but this is a little different, I dont think I explained myself very well at the outset, so let me put it a different way, I've not been aproached for any cash at all, this is about pitching material to the pros, what I understand this to means is this! every year/season they're aproached by various artists, to ask help in finding songs for their up and coming albums, and what the record companies are interested in are full songs they can offer to the said artist which they find through various outlets, to me, unless I read it totally wriong is about the music, I'll attach another email I pasted into word a few months after the one I've already posted, I'd really appreciate your further comments on this one people, being an outsider if you like, I don't get as much info on these companies as you people will, ok! I hope to hear from you all again shortly, the new email is below. oh and I really appreciate all you've said Correction To Deadline Date: Artists Looking for Songs ParamountSong To Me 14 May 2013 Hi, jon... We wanted you to know that the following artists have let us know that they need songs for projects they're working on now, and we have begun a search for them. Take a look, and if you have songs that you think will fit, see the instructions at the bottom of this email and get them to us right away! Artists Looking for Songs: Jake Owen, Looking for songs in the style of recent hits like "Alone With You" and "The One That Got Away." Please be aware that Owen won't record songs exactly like these again, but similiar in tempo. Josh Turner, Looking for great songs, all tempos. Listen to recent hits like "Time Is Love" and "Why Don't We Just Dance" to get an idea and feel for what Turner wants. Lauren Alaina, Looking for songs that lean towards a modern, pop-country feel. Please remember that Alaina is still only a teenager so the lyrics must be age appropriate. Guidelines for submitting your songs to us: 1. All submissions MUST be MP3s and/or lyrics sent via EMAIL attachment ONLY to XXX@XXXXXXX.com. 2. Put the word Submissions in the subject line of your email. 3. We will accept submissions for this ONLY through Friday May 17, 2013. 4. We can't predict how long it will take to acknowledge your submission, but If you haven't heard from us within three weeks, you may assume we have passed on the submission. 5. We cannot accept phone calls or emails asking about status or whether we received your submission. If 500 writers call, it just bogs everything down. Best to you, The ParamountSong A&R team. This message was sent to jbek17@yahoo.co.uk from: ParamountSong | 3212 West End Ave | Nashville, TN 37203 Email Marketing by Update Profile | Forward This Message let me know what you make of it people especially if you can see something I'm missing. later JB
  4. Pitching To The Pros. I’m wondering if this phenomenon is unique to me, or, are there others out there who have been offered the same opportunity by a Nashville Recording Company, I’d love to hear from anyone who has had the same experience, been offered the chance to submit their work to specific professionals I mean. The pros. who are searching for materials for their up and coming season, because if this IS unique, I'd like to know please. Below is part of an old email I somehow saved from my inbox at the time. I’ve blanked out names and addresses for obvious reasons. Have a nice day Jon Bek THIS IS NOT A HOAX Paisly Submission (2) Me Snippet unavailable 28 Sep 2012 music To Me 5 Oct 2012 Jon, We wanted to let you know that we believe your submissions for Brad Paisley are very good, but not quite what he is looking for at this time. However it might work for other artists, and for placement on iTunes and Amazon.com through our record label partner, StarTune Records if you had it developed. Your work certainly measures up very well compared to most material we receive from emerging songwriters. However we have to measure everything against Nashville's top studio professionals. That makes it very difficult for anyone outside a major music center to compete without a demo. Since we never send anything less than highly-competitive productions to music business professionals, we must pass on working with the material you have sent for now. We do wish you the best of luck in getting something accomplished on your own. Don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of help, including production, in the future. Please include your full name and complete mailing address when you respond. Best regards, -- The A&R Team at XXXXXXXXX.com For the latest info on Nashville and Songwriting, visit: www.XXXXXXXXXXX.com
  5. Hi All I wonder, can anyone tell me ( if you know) if an LCD screen on a keyboard can be repaired, or failing that replaced, Mine has kind of gone blank, and I find it extreemly hard to locate the different voices/setting etc, even with a torch, and I can't seem to find anyone who has had any experience in this area, hears hoping someone here can help! Jon Bek
  6. jbek

    hi LaMe!

    I see you've just joined, well that was me only a few days ago so thanks for dropping by with your comments on my work, I'll pass a comment on yours when I lacats it/them. good luck for the future.


  7. hello Shane I've read some of the replies you've recieved about your writng, all good but not really what your looking for, the first thing you need to know about song writing is, how to construct your song (verses) etc do yourself a favour and visit your local library and look for a book on songwriting by a professional, they've been there, done it, and have the badge to prove it, you'll find out how to construct your song the professional way and a lot more!, I think thats the best advice anyone can give you at the start of your writing career, take it . jon bek
  8. I'm a lricist from the UK

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