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  1. I always strive to be complete in what I want to do prior to going into the studio. It makes no sense to adjust once I'm in the studio. Of course, there will be minor changes, but the song has to be fully realized before I begin recording. 

  2. Just a brief note - about two months ago I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis - a disease of the lungs. I have a very moderate case and I need to monitor it and treat it so that the progression (it is a progressive disease) can be drawn out for as long as possible.


    It is challenge but I've performed twice since my diagnosis. I require a cannula for oxygen and I used one that attached to the side of my face at the last show I played.  When I asked my wife after the show if she had heard any comments about it, she told me they all thought it was a microphone. 


    I'm so glad I can continue to sing, it actually helps my condition as well. 

  3. Always on the lookout for places to have my songs heard - after all that's why I wrote them. Not too sure of what to expect here but always open to the murmur of like minded souls. I'm a transplanted New Yorker, born in New York City and now living in northern California currently. A self-taught guitarist and trained singer, an obsessed songwriter and musical performer and a professional actor. My first album, an EP, "Amazing Love" came out in January of 2017, just on the eve of my 70th birthday. My first full album, "One More Moment" came out in March of 2019 and my second album, "Beyond the Fire" came out in June of 2020. I recently released two new songs and I'm currently working on recording four more. Looking forward to seeing/hearing all the good work you folks have been up to - Be well
  4. I'm currently in my home studio working on a song for a recording session.

    The way it's done nowadays, I record tracks here in my studio - usually multiples, so mayhap four or five rhythm tracks, five or six vocal tracks, etc. and then I ship them to my recording engineer via Drive and then we Zoom and confer on the mix. I've also used musicians as well this way, and they've shipped their tracks to me and then I share them on Drive with my engineer. 

    Currently I'm in arrangement hell - sorting through a myriad collage of ideas and trying to synthesize it down to a cohesive track - I kind of like this part, this is all pre production, don't want to waste time and money on making up my mind. 

  5. I just happened back on to this site - haven't been here since 2013 when I went away to prison - *JK*

    Is this still an active forum? 

  6. Neon Tiger - performed by the Killers, songwriters: Flowers/Keuning'Stoermer/Vannucci
  7. "Oh, Lord it's Hard to be Humble" Mac Davis http://youtu.be/mYKWch_MNY0
  8. Whiskey Lullaby - "She put him out like the burning end of a midnight cigarette."
  9. Diane Warren Joni Mitchell Harry Chapin Jimmy Webb Skip Ewing ... don't know these guys? Check them out...
  10. Check this article out about top-liners, it's the drek your talking about, and it's definitely the mob defining taste (or lack of) for current music: http://www.newyorker...a_fact_seabrook .... always remember the Golden Rule - "He who has the Gold makes the rules...."
  11. MotuKothu, Man, you made my heart laugh when I read that post - keep your eye on the prize, man, and don't worry about the audience, unless they're holding rotten fruit...
  12. head down, keep on working ... rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.... is it done?

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