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  1. I'm going to place a sample pack for distribution are there some interested?
  2. One of my favorite soundtracks (and the movie as well) PS. I use it as a reference track now among others.
  3. Hi there, you should learn more on songwriting, as for singing, try to sing/record a cover song that you like
  4. Hi Lilianna, you're asking a one million dollars question ... well, you're from UK, right? I had some collaborators there. Ok, as for the direct answer for your request, I could propose a method of one of the greatest songwriters ever, Robin Gibb (Bee Gees) and that's exactly that method: prepare 1 mic and 2 units (or 2 software) - one for playback and another for recording... then find a "repeat" knob on the playback unit and press it, then switch on your recording gear(software) then switch on your playback gear/software with that beat you willing to make a top line to Now begin to sing what you have on your mind while the beat is playing, the melody that appears will be recorded, don't neither think nor analyze what you're doing, just sing over and over! Many times, different melodies will be recorded good or bad, no matter! then you may check out what you recorded, and this is a time for analyze, edit, improvement etc. Hope this helps PS. I do have the beats too
  5. Hi there, skipped your post...you say acapellas? Ok, send me something to see if

    I can do complete song with it:




  6. Hi all, this is a beat with melody line in style of Cascada: http://www.looperman.com/tracks_detail.php?tid=69911 and this is a lyrics template for chorus ( starts at: 0.42) I wanna dance, dance, dance to get my chance, chance, cha-ance, attract your look at me-e to make you danced with me, to make you talked with me I wanna dance, dance, dance to get my chance, chance, cha-nce attract your look at me-e to make you danced with me, to make you talked with me to talk with me-e Required female singer-lyricist TO FORCE THEM ALL TO DANCE
  7. Hi, and sorry for delay - I work on several projects in a same time even can't follow all my threads here, there and everywhere I post them. About this song (Without You) - one guy already works on it and I wait for his job with a lyrics and vox recording. But I have a new cool beat: http://www.looperman.com/tracks_detail.php?tid=68766 everybody loves it so much even one man placed a lyrics to it just in a topic discussion. So, if this is your cup of tea let me know directly: aleksalt@yahoo.com or I'll forget it again.
  8. Hi, Just I don't see somebody similar for such a stuff, would be glad if you call someone suitable Alek
  9. Singer-lyricist needed for this project: http://www.looperman.com/tracks_detail.php?tid=56737 Think in style of Adam Lambert
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