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  1. Why do basses always have bizarre string amounts? 5-string,6-string.9-string,13-string, and i think a 15 or 17-string? I don't think i understand.
  2. Can groups of chickens "bawk" songs?

  3. I like your work :) its really enjoyable

  4. How many people does it take to operate that thing!?
  5. I am 14 so I'm no good for advice but I am a heavy asthmatic and frequently get bronchitis and have been hospitalized twice with pneumonia and so I know how you feel with the phlegm situation, not fun
  6. I am 14 and have just recently gotten into vocals altough I have been playing instruments for a long time. And i was wondering if i were to get a mic, which I currently do not have, would a super high quality mic be necessary? I mostly do recordings in my room and have been using my friends when we do band rehearsels and his was purchased from wal-mart I am pretty sure because he isn't heavy on vocals, but I am seriously interested in it and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions or reccomendations? Thanks
  7. "Whining screamo crapola"? I kind of take offense to this actually. I respect all music and just because you DON'T like it doesn't give you the right to call it "crapola". It is one of my favorite genres. But, along with rap. And classical music such as Pachabel, my favorite composer. And my favorite vocalist is Jeremy DePoyster by the way. He has an amazing range and great control over his voice. Just listen to Louder than Thunder by The Devil Wears Prada.
  8. I hate picking up someone else's guitar or even one in a store, to play and see how it feels and it have dust and fingerprints all over it. I polish my guitars because i want them to look NICE.Not dirty and smudgy. Its irritating :/
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