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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. At the moment im really loving the lyrics of Jack Johnston. His lyrics seem very laid back whilst still making big statements.
  3. a person favourite of mine has to be paul rodgers (free + bad company) - he has a great power to his voice which manages the harder rock style and also can cope with ballad style songs. other favourites include - jj cale becasue of the smooth huskyness of his voice and robert plant coz that man can wail!
  4. please what ever you do dont force a song, theres nothing worse in my opinion than some one whose obviously tried so much to get a song lyric out that it turns out to be pretty poor. just wait, i find often a break form writing anything at all helps because when i go back to it i tend to have new perspectives on things, such as just recently i started experimenting more with bluse styles after a break from more poetic/melancholy styles of writing and i personally think ive grown as a songwriter for doing so
  5. i nearly always write the music first beofre the lyrics however as a habit i carry a notebook with me to note down ideas and lyrics that spring to mind. this often helps me once i come to writing lyrics. i find that by writing the music first it suggests a mood or theme on which to write however reget this in some ways as i feel the melody of the lyrics can often suffer by trying to make a melody fit an existing structure.
  6. my very first song i wrote in on my website My Webpage its called "ballard of sleeping beauties" very basic i worte it about a month after starting playing once id leant a few basic chords.
  7. ahhh now i see, thanks a lot.
  8. i dont understand resonator guitars, can sumbody explain them to me such as is it acceptable to strum in the same way you would play an electro acoustic or would that be sacraligeous?
  9. if you could work out a drum track to Mannequin doll or requiem then that would be great which ever is easier for you as far as stienberg is concerned i havent got it at the moment, and with me being a poor student will not have it for the forseeable future
  10. im not very good with things like tempos, like i say im completely drumilliterate
  11. that would be great, all my mp3's are up on sounclick at... http://www.soundclick.com/bands/6/ezekielgalemusic.htm will obvioulsy give u credit for the drums
  12. im not very good at creating drum tracks is there anywhere i can get free to use tracks to use as a layer for my work?
  13. i know thats well off the current topic but the thread says "how many songs..."
  14. i only started playing guitar and writing in october 04 and since then have written 8 but have only recorded 5(6?) coz the otherones are either crap or in a key that i cant sing in...maybe should revise them ones n see if i can slavage anything
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