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    Not really too much to speak of, but I do enjoy all things music so I give it my best go.
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    I would be here typing for a week trying to list all I admire and feel influenced by.On a short list,guitar wise SRV,Buddy Guy,B.B. King,Keef,Billy Gibbons.Songwriting I'm a big fan of Guy Clark,Townes Van Zandt,Waylon Jennings,Kris Kristofferson,Richard Thompson,Willie Nelson,and a whole lot more.

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  1. Here's the latest song I have done. It's an acoustic traditional country number called Remember The Alamo.
  2. Here's one I did a few weeks ago and forgot to post here. It's called Shine Your Light.
  3. Awesome. I use the sims a lot too, but I agree with Rudi. I bet that's nothing compared to having the real thing.
  4. A couple weeks ago. Wade Bowen, .38 Special, and Hank Williams Jr. It was probably slightly over 5,000. The next one was ZZ Top in 2012 at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo with probably 30,000-40,000 people in attendance.
  5. I think for me, judging by what I use when using software sims, I would probably look for chorus,delay,distortion,reverb, and a wah-wah pedal. That would probably be all I would need. I rarely use anything else on the sims.
  6. The local pawn shop has/had a bunch of Boss pedals last time I was there. As soon as I get another decent tube amp I'm going to maybe go back and see if he still has some of them. I have never used them personally, but have heard plenty of good things about them.
  7. Thanks Tom. Now you have mapped out my next few Saturdays! Congrats on the nice find, and I'm betting a 59 bassman or a Fender Champ would get you the sound they used back when it was new.
  8. Actually Scotsman is pretty close to right, as is Kel in his observation. It did originate mainly in Appalachia, however there were very few settlers there that weren't from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and to a lesser extent England. Where I'm from also was settled by Germans and Poles, and Czechs, so you find that country music from Texas in the earlier days contained more brass instruments and waltzes as well as the influence from those from the British Isles. But country music as we know it, the music from Nashville derived mainly from the bluegrass styles of the Virginias, Kentucky, and Tennessee which were primarily Scot and Irish and Welsh. As time as gone by, and other regions of the country where settlers from other parts of the world hailed from moved into the country music business, you got more of an amalgamation of influence. That was a long way to simply say that I agree with both Scotsman and Kel!
  9. I use all of the above. It just depends on where I am and what I am doing and what is at hand. Most times when I'm driving, which is most of the time, I use the voice recorder on iPhone to hum fragments of melody to flesh out later or lyric ideas. If I'm in my guitar room, I have a notebook that I jot down lyrics and I will use the voice recorder to grab riffs or melodies or progressions I like or want to write around, and lastly at times on my laptop. I will take music I have and listen to it and write lyrics in Wordpad or sometimes even just lyrics that intrigue me with no music at all lined out for them. I also will cull from my notebooks and phone recorder and write them all up in Word to keep all the different songs collated into one area.
  10. I promise I'm not being a smarta** here, but whenever I have tried out a different These are a couple just from typing in Cool Edit Pro tutorial. Good luck.
  11. Very nice David. You finally found the one you were looking for.
  12. Short answer to your question, is no. I'm not afraid of messing anything up. I might not get it as right as I want and have to shelve it for a time until through the writing and re-writing process I get it to a place where I am happy with it. Sometimes it happens right away, sometimes a while. I have some sitting here just waiting for the right line to come along and make them breathe, but alas there is nothing here right now, and that's ok. I'll focus on the ones that are here. If none are forthcoming then I'll just play my guitar and bass and try to get better at my instruments. But I always remain confident that when I say it is done and put it out there to the world, it will have my indelible stamp on it and it will be the best I can do at that particular time.
  13. Here are a couple of videos that I found to be pretty helpful in writing. The vids are from a GC session with Paul Gilbert, and if you're a guitar player all the clips are pretty cool, but I thought I'd share a link to the two most beneficial to songwriting here. Even if you don't play an instrument and are strictly a lyricist I think that the video on rhythm will help greatly in your writing and make it easier to eventually put music to if there is a definite rhythm already in place. You can even make some notes to go with your lyrics that could help the composer come up with the music to fit your words. You can even make some notes to go with your lyrics that could help the composer come up with the music to fit your words.For instance you could jot down a quick note like this. Verse 1- 8 bars dum ba da da da dum dum dum ba da da da dum dum dum ba da da da dum dum dum ba da da da dum dum dum ba da da da dum dum dum ba da da da dum dum dum ba da da da dum dum do do do do do do dum dum Chorus- 4 bars dum da da dum dum dum da da dum dum dum da da dum dum dum da da dum dum This way you could make a notation of the rhythm you wrote your words to that would be able to help out the person trying to put some music to it. Plus just coming up with different rhythms will open you up to newer writing and help you tailor your lyrics into an overall feel. I think this could be another tool in your old writing toolbag that just may come in handy some time when your stumped or just looking for a fresh new approach. Cheers.
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