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  1. I don't think that is oxygen getting pumped into the room.... LOL
  2. thanks! breathing while singing usually does throw me for loop. Anxiousness to be recorded probably contributes to the no support and the likes. I gladly take your advice though!
  3. Hey guys! I thought I'd record myself singing and playing, so i chose an easy song and I'd like some feedback on my voice...remember...it's my first time! Thanks!
  4. ahhh nice yall its great to see where/how people go thru their songwriting process! pretty intersting answers
  5. When writing your songs what exactly do you (the readers) start with? do you get that crazy riff idea and work off that til it becomes something. do you make a beat and go from there? do you groove on your bass til you find somethin funky? or do you sing the lyrics first and take that path? personally, i either sing or take my bass. considering i have a hard time with guitar malfunctions i use my bass to create chords and riffs.
  6. hmmmm....i shall look into that the real problem is im ao used to the tenor sax and bass guitar pitches so i get thrown off horribly sometimes x( oh well. ill see about that
  7. hey, i joined Honor Choir this year and i can sing and match pitches and all....i just dont know what to refer to to help me tone my voice and know which note is actually which! i sing tenor (and play tenor sax. ha this connection made me laugh) but the two are completely different when it comes to pitches. the director said the best thing i can use my guitar since i dont have a piano. anythin else i can use? thanks!
  8. baloo

    Ear Training

    i had the same problem too. ive been playing for a year and a half now and the way i beat that was everyday id take time to repitively play all the major notes (E, F G A B etc etc) on it it and try to match my voice to it. matching your voice with it to me, helps not only your ears with the repitiveness but also with i guess internal pitch, your body gets a feel for that note(s). just set aside some time while you practice and youll get better also, just sing somethin random (a note, it really helps i you have a piano/KB around) and try to match the bass with that tone. and pick a slow bassline song or a very repitive one and pick parts out and try to match to that. itll take quite a few stopping and relistening but it helped me hope this helps
  9. favorite singer(s) ian gillian and amy lee. if theyre voices had a baby, it would the greatest thing. favorite lyricist anthony kiedis. even though ue doesnt write all the songs, the songs HE writes are amazing.
  10. For me, its usually soemthing thats happened that my friends can relate to, or (cliche) my babe. these are two fun things to write about. happenings: being a highschooler, many awkward things happen (haha im not the yuppie kid. more the kid that doesnt care and hangs with the socialy awkward kids.) and its always fun to write about the everyday things the socially awkward highschooler goes through and the other motivation/inspiration, my babe...do i gotta say why? haha
  11. baloo


    I was thinkin about buying a guitar for myself (ive been using my dads) and i came across a Danelctro 59-DC. I was wondering if its worth the money. Yeah its a cheapy but Ive read reviews on it and people say its mostly worth it, except the bridge (i can fix that.) If any of you guys have any feedback on it, itd be great
  12. My ears started bleeding and my eyes started melting....that was epic! HE is epic!!
  13. john

    A brief reminder :)

    Any questions, please just ask. Remember to add yourself to our member map and to fill in your "About Me" page :)

  14. no no no nooo u sorta did misunderstand BUT its cool. i understand alot of what what youre sayin. ive been involved in "musicland" (love that) since elementary school (band and such) so i got the whole scale is central note stuff and its not really okay to play anythin with anythin. what he meant was do i even know what in the world im playing. its alll technicallities with him so he spazzed. but today i did my research and found out i was pretty much doin chord progressions. i told him (apparently his vast knowledge did not include that HA) so now that its all clear!,, u sorta did help -Micah
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