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  1. Great lyrics, i just love the song have you any more you have wrote thanks john pattillo (musicinme)

  2. While it can't be bad news for performers, isn't the recording copyright already owned by some business in most cases (rather than the performer)? It could still be helpful, especially for smaller, struggling labels. Or have I got that wrong? Going forward, of course, more performers may own the recording copyright, anyway.
  3. Unless you signed away your rights, he "cannot" use your words without your permission. A lot depends on that one page you signed and what rights were discussed and agreed - there are publishing rights, mechanical rights, performing rights, etc. Pursuing the matter and enforcing your rights is another matter and you have to decide whether it's worth the effort and, possibly, expense. Not knowing the context, it's impossible to say much more.
  4. Not sure why you are asking (be happy with your guitar!). However, in case anyone is looking to check what to look at, I'd suggest checking out Seagulls if you are on a budget. They are well made and very good for the price.
  5. I suspect that the whole concept of genres was dreamed up as a means of excluding music someone doesn't want to hear! What is "Americana"? Is it country music without the right wing, religious, drinking cliches? How is it different from folk? Wait, isn't bluegrass folk music? "I don't like Jazz" -- "OK, listen to this" -- "Oh, I like THAT .. it's that other jazz I don't like!". Same with rap, prog rock.. whatever. Is it highly polished, with real instruments and a well-trained vocalist singing so we can hear what the words are? Let's call it "easy listening"! There are certainly musical styles - reggae, samba, rock, etc.. that often describe the beats and rhythms. However, these can cross "genres". If you are promoting work, it can be whatever genre the audience wants!
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