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  1. Try contacting the Harry Fox agency in New York. Very easy to deal with on line, and they will pick up the phone. They will tell you what you need to do. Basically, register the songs with them and they will collect your royalties, provided they agree to represent you, which, they probably will.
  2. edshaw

    In College

    Great pic. Good to see someone having fun.
  3. Recording Bass I love my Alesis components. Yes, recording the bass with a HD based recorder is a hot topic. Read the suggestions carefully. Find out what the problems are. Talk to some professionals to see what they do. You know, with the variety of EQ, simulation, and other signal processing tools so readily available, you may not be using that bass like you do in a club or performance venue. You may find that keyboard can generate all the signal you will ever need. The last thing you want to do is blow out a soundcard with a Fender Bass.
  4. The terms of the scholarship are a little unclear. Where does the latitude enter the picture? Are you talking about buying another computer for sound work? Why? You're not exactly hurting with a 2.53G dual core Intel, although if you have a choice, find out the minimum specs for Avid Media Composer. I think it's 2.4 but can't remember exactly. Whatever it is, try and get it. I mention Media Composer because the Avid Suite uses ProTools for sound, and that is a great place to be. PC based Protools, not Mac Based. There's not a damn thing wrong with Mac. I can tell you, as fast as technology changes, your software support needs to run to keep up. Apple has traditionally been on top of all those changes, especially in web based and broadcast digital video. They slipped when the iPod made them rich, from what I hear, and Avid has jumped into the void. As a student, you can buy MC5 and ProTools student discount from Academic Superstore. Pinnacle never used to do this. It is a company with a marketing department on the move. Learn about Avid. Final Cut, I think, was built from parts bought from Avid, the traditional Hollywood favorite. You didn't mention your major. That's a very important item. If you plan to major in media, they should have specified the graphics card and the HD should be 7200rpm. The cache needs to be right, too. I forget, L2 or L4. While you are at it, have them ship with a couple of extra 500 - 1000 hard drives, Seagates if you can get them, both for backup and speed. When you say transfer options, I wouldn't worry about that. Most of us save the finished work and shelve the hard drives or erase the original data. By the time you graduate, 100 GB Sandisks ought to be about ten dollars So, there's a bunch more stuff to think about. If I were a student and had the money, I'd get the Power Mac Tower before the MacBook Pro, even though I love my MBPro
  5. To hear my original melodies, go here:


    Add your own lyrics and they belong to you.

  6. Good to know you, John. As you know, the rules governing songs on video licensing were made when video was $3-400 a minute, not 30-40 cents. Until the laws catch up, performers will be in need of original material. I'm counting on that.

  7. Hey, Mike: A lot of work went into getting me to this point: (Click link below and Scroll down: Ed's backing tracks I use a laptop with a 7200rpm HD, Garage Band, an Alesis Digital interface, a mike and a guitar plugged into the interface, and headphones. Using composer software, I use Band in a Box, there are many to choose from, lay out the bars, usually four times two, three, or four. Set intro to be same as last line of chorus. "Sacred" or "Christian theme #4" is Intro: CGCG 1)CCFC 2)CCGG 3)CCFC 4)CGCC That's what I mean by laying out the measures. Your screen will have a grid with these chords on it. If you have not used BIB or other then by now you are maybe lost. BIB is fairly easy to learn. I am Mac based so my system uses Apple. They are all good. Push a button and the software will generate the song. Convert it to a usable file. Drag it into the first channel of your recording program. Open up a couple of blank tracks. Assign one track to the guitar. Set the level. Pour one short Jack Daniels, you may need it. Play along with the backing track until you know it. Actually, you have already played it a couple of hundred times through your regular rig. When you are ready, push record. As you play, you will accidentally hit the wrong note. Good. You have made the first step and are on your way to writing your first original melodic arrangement using 21st century technology. That song? Recognize Amazing Grace? You won't after you finish. Play back. Mark sections, delete, copy, adjust volume and pan, and all that. If you want help, let me know. We are revolutionizing the song writing business. The more that are doing it, the more options we will be able to offer lyrics writers.
  8. Very good presentation. Even though I write and arrange melodies because "I have to" your words cause me to look again at audio quality. Thx.
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