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  1. Take care of yourself.

  2. The melody of a song is made with notes and chords. By using a numbering system, you can apply any key to a song. Example: Chord progression is I, 6m, 2m, V7 with musical notes within each chord (1,3,5). In the key of N= I, 6m, 2m, V7 (numbering system) In the key of C= C, Am, Dm, G7 In the key of G= G, Em, Am, D7 In the key of D= D, Bm, Em, A7 In the key of A= A, F#m, Bm, E7 In the key of E= E, C#m, F#m, B7 In the key of F= F, Dm, Gm, C7 Have fun!
  3. I usually start with a short melodic phrase and a short lyric (hook line or title). I use a ukulele or a strumstick to get a first melody. Then I work on a master melody and 2 or 3 sub melodies. I choose a key and work with both melodies and chords. I usually work with melodic phrases that have 8 measures. I use a worksheet to write down chords and notes. Then I choose a structure: will it be VCVCBC (verses, chorus and bridge)? will it be AABA (verse, verse and bridge)? <--- my preference will it be ABC (verse, lift, chorus) + D (if i need a bridge)? Then I try to write some basic (or dummy) lyrics that match the melody. After that, the real work begins: I use a notation software (Melody Assistant) to write and rewrite melodies, chords and lyrics until I think it's okay for me. The last thing that I fix is the lyrics. I have a lot of fun doing this.
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