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  1. Hey guys, I wanted to share with you my first EP that I recorded and compiled on my own, entitled Persistence². It's culmination of lyrics and sounds that I've created from influences and personal experiences alike.It features acoustic tunes that range from perseverance to love, to thinking. Feel free to download my EP (either for free or name your own price if you would like to support), and I hope you enjoy it and spread it to others that may like it as well. Thank you for your support! The music is not studio quality, so bear in mind (haha). Aside from that, I'd love to hear feedback and such. Thank you. http://farouk2music.bandcamp.com/
  2. Thanks for the encouragement! Do you know of any exercises that can help me relax my throat when I try to reach the high notes? I am using a Blue Snowball Mic.
  3. Thanks for all the advice, guys. I do realize I strain to get the high notes, and I'm looking for ways to fix that. I just like to sing for fun tho, and I don't have time to invest in a vocal coach, because of college and stuff.
  4. I agree with what people say about YouTube. I'm not having too much success with my Facebook page interms of activity, even though ill still keep it up. But yt is great. Just upload your songs for free there, and hopefully you'll attract tons of listeners...in theory.
  5. I'm just making my own songs for fun, but I abosolutely have no time to actually get out and gig (except maybe at a random talent show at my college); I'm doing Pre-med as of now in school. Because of that, I solely have to rely on the Internet to promote what I do. I'm in the process of getting my material out there In due time, and I don't really mind if I get a HUGE following, but I'd like to have enough. That being said, I have to learn how to utilize internet promotion to the max, even if it's only for a short while.
  6. Well, I've always enjoyed writing, and ever since I got more into playing guitar, and listening to stuff by John Mayer, I wanted to try it out and see what I got. So, I guess my inspiration for writing was just my drive to try something new. And even if my career path may not be in music for me in the future, doing this keeps me happy and ignites my creative mind.
  7. This is all great advice, I too would like to sing higher notes in head voice. I am also trying to learn how to lower my larynx and relax my throat when I attempt the high notes. Does anyone know any exercises or pointers on how to accomplish this?
  8. What I have done for most of my songs is I mess around on my guitar for that particular melody, riff, or chord progression that draws me in, and them I write lyrics on it. Usually the mood of my playing (tempo, etc) dictates what I write about and how I write it. This isn't set in stone, but ive been doing this most of the time.
  9. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone can provide an honest opinion on my singing voice. Most of my friends tell me I sing pretty good, and while I trust their judgement, I would like to get a subjective perspective on how my singing is, and how in any way I can improve it. http://youtu.be/KLOPFkdJ-GM http://youtu.be/RUduLu1anJU These are two as examples, however you can go to my YT channel and check the rest of my videos if you like. Thanks so much, and if you have any questions, just shoot.
  10. I sometimes have that problem when I sing for a while. That's why I try to drink a lot of water when I don't sing, and I drink TONS when I'm practicing or recording. running is good, too. I didn't know it that had much of a positive effect on a singing voice, so that is reassuring.
  11. Welcome to the forums farouk2music :)

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