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  1. I so wanna go through that #Stargate and forget this world... #SG1

  2. Ever wonder how things work in life...? Good for you, because I don't!

  3. Hey guys, If you've got a sec please check out our first 5-track EP! We recorded this demo in my home studio a few month ago, and I decided to release it as is so we can focus on some new material... Thanks for taking the time, if you liked it please show us some love over on fb:) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Restroom-Karate/427390357316460 or twitter https://twitter.com/RestroomKarate and here are a few pics from our studio in case you were interested.. http://restroomkarate.tumblr.com/post/57967617318/studio25-is-back-in-business
  4. To start out... audacity is great (apart from being unstable sometimes..) but when you eventually find it's limitations, you will have to upgrade to a professional DAW...
  5. With simpler mixes like this, (only a few instruments + vocals) it's really important to keep all the instruments and the vocals in balance. The main thing is to keep the vocals on the surface, don't let them sink... You can achieve it by applying compression the both the guitar and the vocal tracks. There are a lot of misconceptions about compressors, and how they kill the dynamics of the songs, it's important to keep in mind that compressors are way more than a ratio and a threshold knob, by setting up proper attack, release, knee values you can build nice, natural sounding dynamics! The other important thing is to be in control of what's happening. Microphones tend to pick up lot of "Esss", "Shhh" sound, we can usually get rid of these by using simple DeEsser-s, but a rather effective way is use them among with a muli-band compressors... (The Waves DeEsser + Waves L316 Multimaximizer works awesome) The other important thing to keep in mind is the stereo image. Panning instruments, doubling tracks, applying different effects is absolutely necessary to achieve a nice sounding mix. Great producer Chris Lord-Alge said: "You’ve go two speakers, man… spread it!"
  6. I really don't wanna ruin the party but i got my M-audio 1010LT for $100 on eBay ($200 brand new!) 8 analog ins (2 balanced w/ mic preamps and 6 lines) 8 analog outs 2 digital in 2 digital outs midi i/o world clock i/o zero latency direct monitoring (w/ hardware mixer!) sample rates up to 96k custom asio driver allowing up to 4096 samples WDM buffer size for some crazy processing individual phase-shift on every ins, you can even combine them into more balanced pairs... + It can be combined w/ any other M-audio delta cards!! Almost forgot, it works no problem on 64bit OS.. Come on, recording up to 8 individual tracks at once with zero latency monitoring...($200 ) The only downside might be that it's not providing phantom power, but i use my external preamp anyways.. (M-audio Audiobuddy)
  7. Well Dan, I really like your song, can't wait to hear some more! Welcome to the forum!
  8. You've got the cash, that's cool. You're finally determined, that's even more important. What you need to do now is to learn! Take your time, go to Youtube and watch all (and I mean all) the home-studio related videos. (That's what I did...) You can't setup an ideal home studio without knowing what your dream home studio would look like. First go watch this video and then go on reading.. You have to choose: 1. a computer 2. a DAW 3. an Interface 4. a Mic 5. Monitors and (6) you have to build a comfortable workstation! 1. I'd go with PC just because it's more powerful for the same price! 2. You can go on using FL, but I don't recommend it, you'll quickly find it's limitations... 3. Your current interface needs to go, look into it, get something decent, I totally recommend the older M-audio interfaces with two line ins and to mic pre-amps. 4. You've got an SM58 that's great use it for live, mic up guitar amps whatever, but for recording vocals, you'll need a large-diaphragm condenser mic, you heard the guy, don't go crazy, get something nice for $100-$200... (The RODE mics are dope) 5. If you can afford it get both headphones and monitors, helps a lot to have both. For headphones I recommend the AKG, Shure, the Sennheisers are nice too. For monitors I'd go with the krk rokit 6, (the 5s don't really have a decent low-end) or you can also get great M-audio or Yamaha, maybe RCF monitors. (Don't go cheap with monitors, you really wanna get a nice pair that you can use for years!) 6. Get a nice desk, hang some acoustic foam panels on the walls, get good mic-stands, a guitar rack maybe, good quality cables etc.. (spend a little money on making your studio comfortable...) And the last but not least, make great songs, have fun, do what you like to do! Put together a few songs, try to find some guys for your band play some local gig. (btw you totally don't need a label to get money) Almost forgot, you've go $7000 DON'T BLOW IT!
  9. i think you can learn a lot just by watching your favorite musicians, though i believe a few lessons can't really hurt...
  10. I agree, there are no straight rules to follow go with what feels right.. though i think it also depends on the musical genre you are working in.
  11. I use Ableton Live (+bunch of Waves VSTs), and i really love it... there are many misconceptions about it, people tend to think that is for EDM producers only but that's so not true...
  12. I guess I'm in love... #Again

  13. Just getting ready for the most #Awesome #Party of the #Summer... I hope so..

  14. #OhGosh, I just finished hacking my guitar amp, finally i can connect a foot-switch to every effect!!
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