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  1. I do feel that web sites with a combination of getting songs on radio could work together better but as a a songwriter still feel the only way to get on is the combination of the right song with a singer with a big fan base
  2. when I first pick up a guitar after hearing music in my head I always thought that some day some one with a guitar could walk into a recording studio and change every thing .44 years later the only thing thats changed is I now think I AM THAT MAN HI JOHN did you get my recording of jimi hendrix is not my name
  3. james anderson know no boundaries have no boundaries
  4. I HAVE TO say john is on the right track on this one sounds like to me he has put a lot of thought into this there is a saying if you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got . if ever there was a time to break the mould its now .some of my ideas are going to be that mind blowing when they come out and are tried the idea I AM WORKING on at the moment is jimi hendrix has a brother leon hendrix I AM TRYING to get in contact with him I WANT TO TRANS FORM him in to the next guitar hero .he has played guitar for 25 years his singing needs a total over haul .he has never got much or anything out of jimi money . I WANT TO SHOW HIM how to change all this .I HAVE COMPOSED A SONG THAT will have leon being able to go on stage and by the time he done the song .it will have spread around the world hendrix fans have a new hendrix to follow . as a song writer who wants to compete against the best songwriters out there .I WOULDNT HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY . THE ONLY PERSON I AINT INTERESTED IN COMPETING WITH IS ME . if you have done your best at writing a song thats it. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE on song stuff a board that singers and bands that are starting to see there fame decline let songstuff songwriters help them have the songs they need to get there bands on the way up .I HOPE Popthree not only does this sound good to you but as a songwriter you are up to the challenge and as far as having to go into a professional recording studio if you have a song you think that good there is nothing wrong with putting your money where your mouth is I have no qualms in doing so for a song I believe in
  6. ps just for the fun of it I DONT THINK I'LL JUST BE A ONE HIT WONDER
  7. thanks for mention my name voice x there are the elephant in the room questions ive been writing songs since I was 16 , 44 years later I NOW FEEL like a prize fighter every song I compose in my head I KNOW how it will sound before I WORK IT OUT ON MY GUITAR . if some one heard my music say 10 years after I STARTED composing they might say it sucks and might be write .with time every bodys songwriting will get better and better . at the end of the day it boils down to having a hit song a lot of things have to come together . how good the song is would be the first production can be important even having the best singer in the world singing a second rate song wont compete to a average singer singing a great song .with songstuff to make its mark on the music industry it has to become a hit making factory it has to evolve the airways is the stairways to all songwriters achieving there goals
  8. the number of people I HEAR SAY I will do what ever it takes to make it in the music business the trouble is they dont know what that is . having said that with out having that determination you are like a big muscular boxer that is a big softy
  9. being a farmer I HAVE always been in solitary confinement in a large space . never had a shortage of ideas .cant see me writing about covid it sucks
  10. true but you can never hide your heart and you have to remember we are all gonna die but its what you do when your alive that matters😜
  11. I would just like to say I did listen to the interview and not only listen to it I was hearing what was said .
  12. I AM from scotland we dont speak with marbles in our mouths just joking I do feel about composing music and writing lyrics the lyric side is writing words in a different pattern and saying something in a different choice of words than normally used . and people can be very good at playing complicated music of others but ask them to come up with some thing new and they wouldnt know where to start there playing is just copying to learn composing you have to understand its a art of the mind its better to work out something in your head and only then pick up your guitar and work it out
  13. it is a complex , multifaceted subject what a person would have to have to make it in the music industry .and there would be so many different mixes of what would make a artist or songwriter stand out .even with really good musician that can do covers of songs to the highest standard .just dont seam to get any where in the music business because they dont seem to understand .doing covers of songs in the long term is the reason they will fail . I have been writing songs as a hobby 44 years never played any bodys music .dont count . just a lefthanded person that hears music in my head and has a chord directory in my head that has always got the chords I NEED . and your wright john I WILL have to start a thread about what it takes to make it in the music industry . but first I WILL let my music do the talking . my producer ANDY for the Ateam has just installed new equipment in his studio to finnish MRBLUESMAN FOR THE HITSONG CHALLENGE . SO it should be quite soon I will get Andy to get incontact about sending it for songstuff to consider and we can send the 6 minute ish first recording to show which ideas didnt make it to the finnished recording
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