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  1. So i just got a AKG perception 120 for on the road recordings, as i do not wanna take out something like my 420 or 414s but i am not sure if i like the sound of this mic it sounds very gratey specially on vocals i cant decide wether to take it back and get something more reliable like an SE 2000 any ways ive done a cover of cat power and very bad mix on laptop speakers your opinions would help me Swede my fussiness! https://soundcloud.com/ominous-recreation/cat-power-willie-cover Cheers Chris
  2. Things to take into consideration when thinking about your recording environment. Unbalanced connections. if your using an unbalanced connecter like for instance a mic with out XLR input OR TRS (tip ring sleve jack) you will get interference from radio waves into your signal.. the way a balanced connector works is by sending two signals from the same source but with one phase inverted to cancel each other but then at the receiving source the signal gets flipped back so you get twice the signal and no sound or electrical distortion or interference Listen to your room. Sit quietly in your environment and just listen try to determine what you can hear around you if you notice anything you can sure bet it will turn up on your recording with a condenser, and maybe if you have an ultra sensitive dynamic. Equipment make sure you service it regularly, check each individual piece starting from the input source. Faulty mics cause noise, faulty cables, speaker amps cause noise, faulty pre amps cause noise specially if its valve driver, and monitors close to sources cause noise Learn about every bit of gear you own and learn about every inch of your environment, every corner that can trap low frequency's, every reflective surface for high frequency's to bounce of if you can acoustic tile these surfaces to shape your room sound to stop fatigue on you and your listener.
  3. there are also analouge synths that are a little more complex. its all personal choice everything these days is digital, but to me nothing beats the original analouge sythns. or any synth used by prince. how ever i doubt there practical for what you want.. it all depends on what sound you want to achive its like buying a guitar you should try out a few in a store rather than ask around cause people like diffrent things my man
  4. old folks tail of some sort bout, ruining your life in a broffel, drinking to much, and ending your life cause you ballsed up from what i take from it hahaha.
  5. i like valve because they give you harmonic frequencys that you dont get from solid state amps how ever i have a hybrid amp atm which can alternate between the two best of both worlds
  6. yeah you can get silicon spray that fills in coroded gaps in the Pot, but its definetly better to replace it if its that old.
  7. I think the Sure Sm 5x are good for live work, but i would never use one in a recording session for things like vocals as he implied he wanted to use it for. id use an sm-5x series for things that require a mic that can with stand high sound preasure levels but never high quality vocal recordings. Yeah i do get what you mean i missed the part bout him being 14 i would not have been able to afford high quality gear at that age. but even so if you want to get decent recordings id save up and get somthing a little bit more fancy. se 2000 also high quality mic costs only a few quid more than the Sm 58
  8. Computer fans are also a very bad culprate for this, especialy if your using a condenser mic.
  9. Stereo Microphone techniques i find to be sonicly better than single Microphone Techniques because they give more coverage on the instrument as the acoustic guitar is a resonating instrument (sound vibrates through the entirety of the guitar to produce sound). How ever there are some factors that give these techniques a down fall for instance, its more hassle to set up if your using a spaced pare; you need more space, you have to look out for phase issues which can be a major problem causeing a weak sound, with XY configuration you might not get the sweet spots or as much sound of the room that you want. All in all i find that you can get a great sound with a singular high quality microphone, as if your like me and only have one mic / channel or do not have a matched pair of condenser mics you can get a brilliant sound. My Favourite techniques when im in my home studio is placing the mic in the standard 12 fret a few inches away but to get a fuller sound and a bit of air movment from the sound hole id point the diaphram of the microphone a few degrees to right! not completly because i dont want to pick up to much percusive element of the pick on the strings (or maybe a bit more if its finger picking!) this gives a brilliant starting point and you can always layer another guitar other the top with the same peice but with the mic in a diffrent position later and pan them left and right to get a good stereo image. Another More creative single mic technique is using a figure of 8 pattern the same mic on two channels but with one phase inverted then pan the channels hard left and hard right this seperates the two diaphrams and creates a stereo image. then i would put the mic around the 9th fret with the diaphrams looking up the neck and down the sound hole. this not only gets alot of airmovment from the sound hole with gives it a more natural sound but gets all them sweet highs and mids all the way up the body how ever this requires a multi polar patterened mic. Anyways i just want to know what you guys prefer!
  10. The SM-58 And SM-57 are both the same microphone, the diffrence is the ball on top which you can take off. Good entry grade mics, affordable and realiable are the SE 2000 Costs about £75 very good for this price range but still entry level, akg perseption 220 aprox £120 can handle sound presure levels up to 48 db very good for harsh vocals . i would have to disaree with these two statements one because its not a very high quality microphone, its good for live situations because its very directional and can take a beating, but it isnt sonicly "amazing". also his statement of having high grade mics being over kill i dont think thats true either your production value comes from 50% the quality of your equipment and 50% on how you use it so it is a very important factor. theres no point getting cheap equipment because youle have to upgrade again when you realise how bad they are compared to the good stuff
  11. Welcome to the forums TheOminouseRecreation :)

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