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Reversing Video

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That Zwei-Stein is as user friendly as a cornered rattlesnake. I can find no mention of time manipulation in the manual, no mention of it in any of the menus, in fact no mention of it anywhere. Are you familiar with the program at all? Without any mention of a proceedure in the manual or help files, I'm just guessing and pressing in the dark, and getting precisely nowhere...

I'm trying very hard not to resort to software piracy here, but it's not looking good...

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Yeah its a linux app originally (and they can suck bad), I should have it installed on one of my setups, will see if I can get it working. If not, you can send me the file in zipped .avi format or something and I could reverse it for ya, no prob. You'd have it back a few minutes later. :)

Ah, here's a tut about changing time in t@b - hope that gives some clues:


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Thanks for the help, I surely do appreciate you putting the effort in and letting me take up your time...

I came up with a compromise... We were aiming to make the most ludicrous rock and roll video ever filmed for the most ludicrous rock and roll song ever written, and I think we've achieved that... What I did was instead of trying to blur out the two lines, which would have looked terrible, I've made the whole thing like an old keystone cops video... Of course, it's going to be mangled by the server when I upload it to youtube as well...

I'll post the link when it's processed so you can see what I'm talking about... I used Ulead Studio 7.0 for the editing. It's a little twitchy at times, but pretty intuitive...

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I watched it and enjoyed. Very quirky :)

That's one thing Stuart definitely is... We're going to be making a new version of the song with a mega production over the winter, like Ricky Jervais did with Freelove Freeway. The sound recording you heard there was rattled down one night when I'd had two bottles of Blue Nun and Stuart had been drinking beer all evening. There's some tuning problems in the vox that were well out of the range of being auto tuned with no side effects, and a timing issue with the guitar on the Chorus that was never addressed...

I do have some other slightly more serious projects going on too... ;)

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Nothing wrong with mucking about and having FUN.

It SHOULD be fun.

Ever since reading this thread and watching the video I've toyed with the idea of making something quirky that runs "backwards" - since I have discovered how to do that in Sony Vegas.

Only thing my simple mind can think of at the moment though is filming someone applying makeup and doing their hair - then reversing it...

I keep seeing lipstick peeling OFF.

Or what about someone slurping spaghetti?

Now that might be fun to film and then reverse?

My dog pooping?


Now I AM getting silly.... AND gross!

I just watched my two dogs attempting to each eat a boiled egg for the first time.

It was the funniest thing, seeing them pop the eggs out of their mouths repeatedly.

You had to be there. :rolleyes:

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