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Played An Electronic Drumkit

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Benefit for an ill woman, friend took me to see her brother's band (Dan and I'd played

in jazz music college long time ago). Drummer is childhood friend (Todd).

Dan hauled me up to sit in as soon as I got in the room proper - now there's a true friend!

Wasn't expecting it.

First song chick-singing (sorry singers-only no offense, just not into that), then Dan

threw me behind the kit and Todd was SO cool about it, think I played 2/3 of the set.

Wore a mic head set, too, 1st time while drumming anyway. Todd is a very good

singing drummer. The cat ran up out of the audience to sing/front and I thought an excellent

showman (75% of that - to me - is being a great singer).

The elctronic kit...I understand the pro's of it, specially mixing wise. Too early

to make a judgement call.

But: I'd been playing my heart out, esp. Born on the Bayou, and after that, Todd sauntered

back and said wow the volume's way too low. He turned it up.

O well - I knew I'd been playing my heart out.

Didn't know barely any of their covers. Said I've been doing originals so

long, not keeping up w/ this other stuff. Dan said us too!

I keep forgetting no one knows I can sing and drum...or maybe they do know and

we haven't played together that genre of music. Anyway Dan was laudatory in a way that suggested he

hadn't "quite" heard me before - I know the cat didn't forget! Sorry vain tangent, still scratching my head though, as

w/ Loonan and his comments - it'll bug me til I figure it out. I don't understand, have always known what THEY can do.

It must be that I got better, what else could it be? But ho whoa, had I been MIA in music THAT long?!?

(yeah I had fun!)

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Mon Capitaine,

Are you kidding? I do not forget about playing on your stuff, that'll be a dearly realized goal once it happens!

(And unexpected is Great!!) Er um almost don't wanto say it should that coax a jinx, but God bless Dan, during

break eating Benefit Tacos he looks at Todd nonchalant and says, "We're gonna record Donna at our studio."

During the set, he begins this yelling conversation during a song, "HOW MANY ORIGINALS YA GOT?"


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Mesh? Now that sounds more my speed.

They were just like practice pads, and the cymbals too, which I kept hitting on the wrong part.

I way missed the physical action of the high hat going up and down, tho that sound was there

depending if foot kept it open or closed.

They were harder to play, I think cause the

dynamics thing wasn't happening on the electronic kit as on acoustic.

I still think the drummer should be able to play soft enough acoustically, if necessary (intolerant I know!)

Maybe only brushes should be allowed at a coffeeshop venue.

And use an Oatmeal jug for the kick drum!

What's your experience/take on them?

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Hey y'all,

Steve, what would my little life be w/out you?

John Nightwolf, not sure there's a comparison for guitars as regards comparison electronic/acoustic drum kit. Ya know how sometimes you can't taste or smell from really bad sinuses or cold? That's what it was like, something vital was missing and thus the electronic kit not as enjoyable. That being said, I think one could finangle and finese to work w/ it and revive some sense of taste and smell. Oh - real drum heads are strong, even a Wolf can't break em that easily!

Rudi, so hungry to play that victim not a part of it, but I do know what you mean. What's going on w/ your new bassist and all? Well wishes for you (and Mum).

Next day: Rudi, may Mum rest in peace and I beg your pardon. :(

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What's your experience/take on them?

Hey Donna.

Speaking purely as an audient I think, like all instruments, it all depends on who's using, how, and in what context.

The dynamic responsiveness has to be an issue - or the lack of it.

Heard Bill Bruford play the things a few times and never enjoyed the experience, but my frustrations were largely due to the limitations of his vocabulary and general clumsy robotic lack of looseness.

Only guy to genuinely excite me with his use of the tools in a live situation is another UK guy called Mike Bradley.

He plays regularly with Laurence Cottle projects (http://laurencecottle.com/buy/index.php)

And with John Etheridge's Zappatistas (http://www.johnetheridge.com/zappa/index.htm)

He's a real innovator - always musical - always with great humour.


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