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Hello All!

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Hey all,

My name is Aaron Winston and I'm a 19 year who goes to college in Ohio and who's a global nomad by birth but declared native of New Jersey. I've been writing music since the 7th grade, although I'll admit my old stuff was iffy on quality. In the last year, I've been reading lots and listening even more and have really cranked up my level of songwriting. I've joined because I want honest feedback from honest people on songs I've written and recorded.

As for recording, I record all my own stuff either in my room at home or my dorm room at school. I work as songwriter, lyricist, and producer which is fun, but honestly, I need a second set of ears to let me know whether what I'm doing is okay material or not. I've performed live in high school and at open mics and I also enjoy performing on the streets because its fun, good practice, and good money (sometimes). I play the guitar, tenor banjo, a little mandolin (still need to buy one), harmonica sometimes, drums, and whatever's laying around the house. It's my passion and I love writing songs as a way of reflecting on life. Last summer, I interned at Roger Greenawalt's studio and got to meet a lot of bands which was insanely cool. I'm still integrating what I learned what I learned there into my own recording and producing style. I'm getting better too, I think.

My gear that I currently own is:

Rode NT-14 Condenser Mic

Gibson Hummingbird Pro 2009

Fender Frontman 2X12 amp

Gibson SG Hybrid Amp

Schecter Frankenstein 1980

Behringer Mixing Board

Guitar Rig interface

Lots of Calbels

My music can be found at - http://www.aaronwinston.bandcamp.com

Hope I'm finding you all well!


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hi and welcome to Songstuff Aaron! :) I do like the Rode microphones!

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Welcome Aaron :) ..

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