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Is It Ever Done, Poor Subject?

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To my ears this truly beautifull song is finnished. The production is good, keeping the instruments to a minimum to bring out the strong vocals and the strong message in the lyrics.

If I should go into tiny details, i would maybe redo the little guitarsolo between 1.chorus and 2.verse. There is a couple of tones in there, not sounding as good as the rest of the song, but as I said, this is a minor detail.

Very good work. This is a song for airplay!

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Top-line pro work from everyone involved

(except maybe the video guy)

Great sounds.

Poor Subject? It's sure a tough subject.

Only country could carry the sentimentalism involved.

Trying to picture a fitting image of its niche made me grimace.

I mean, picturing a woman serving a long way from home and family, and listening to music on a snatch of free time.

I wondered if it was something she might not want to hear.

And would families who lost their women dig it?


It is just conceived and performed and produced so damn well to my ears - that I'm thinking maybe they would.

What do I know? I don't even like country. But this sounds great.

And the country music culture soaks up heavy family sentiment, don't they?

American Idol?

A winner?

I like it.


How do you go about getting it played and broadcast and heard?

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Tambarskjelve: thats what I did I was so tired of messing with it I called it finished..lol thank you for your kind comment.

LOL..Top-line pro work from everyone involved

(except maybe the video guy)

Lazz: it really was a tough subject, I was all over the place trying to get enough in this, and writing it with heart. the story brought out emotions in me, but it didn`t happen to me, still my imagination ran wild..god what if it did. I just finished this so its fresh, I don`t know one thing about air-play...lol thank you for taking time to listen and comment.

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lol thank you for taking time to listen and comment.

My word, you are welcome.

Thank you for posting and giving pleasure to my ears .


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thank you Tom for stopping by and commenting, I`m adopting that thought..."done for now" is about as final as things ever get. I have another song friends say is ok, told me to stay away from cameras,camcorders anything capturing images...lol know a good video guy?. thanks again Tom

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I honestly can't think of anything I'd change. I believe, if it was mine.....I'd be calling it done right about now!

So THAT'S what he meant by "is it ever done?"

I thought he was asking whether anyone should ever write songs of this nature.

As in "is it the done thing?"

Two nations divided by a common language



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Hi Lazz,

you have to watch me, I still live on a dirt road, play the same old guitar from 1978..lol

and know my neighbors by the first names. sometimes I don`t express my thoughts very well.

hell I even raised the hair" on a few folks and never intended it. :o

Hey Lazz..if you have time, [i know you don`t like country] but I`d really like your thoughts on another song I have, let me know and I`ll send a link" in a message to you...its cool if you can`t, or don`t want to.

I`m goning see if I can hook Tom into it too...lol

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