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Hey, people! My name is Sara. I'm 14 years old and I just finished writing my very first full length song today, which is what led me to this forum. I've dabbled a little in song writing for the last 2 years, but only a couple of times, and I never finished a song. I've proud of the one I finished today. I write songs because I find poems boring and I don't have a long enough attention span to write books. :tt2: That and I can't get any emotion in the other two.

I love dolling, if anyone knows what that is. Basically its pixel art. I was born in Jackson, MS and I just moved to a new state a few months ago.

Y'know, I really hate writing introductions. I'm just sitting there, staring at the screen thinking, 'Okay, now what? Do I just put down random useless facts about myself?' My favorite color is blue.

I have an Australian Shepherd puppy named Gracie who has heterochromia and she likes to pee on whatever I'm sleeping on or using as a blanket. She does it on purpose, and I'm not even kidding.

My birthday is December 14. I'm a daddy's girl, even though he's roughly 2,606 miles away from me right now. My favorite movies are Labyrinth and Phantom of the Opera (2004). I have freckles. I whimper in my sleep for no reason. My current favorite song is The Beauty Underneath from Love Never Dies and sung by Ramin Karmiloo.

Can I go now? :lol:

Oh! And David Bowie is my inspiration. I've loved him and his music for as long as I can remember. :wub: Unfortunately I don't think he does concerts anymore, so I'll never get the chance to see him live.

EDIT: Oh look! Even my profile over there says I'm a noob. :lol:

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Sara, great intro as it really lets us know the picture of you, who you are. Well done.

Hope your 1st full song will be posted on here soon.

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Welcome Sara :) ...

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