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14 Year Old Song Writer

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Hello everybody, my name is Dominick. I've been making lyrics since the summer of 2011. I'm new at it and looking forward to being great at it. I'm only 14 and I'm trying to get started at an early age. I want to learn guitar, piano, and drums.I have a couple songs that I'd like to share with you all to see if I am starting good and need work. I'm looking forward to having a music career. Thank you!

I do songs about love, death, and religion. I also have high vocabulary in my lyrics

Here's some lyrics of mine. Three different songs. "Your Heart, My Blood" "The Birth of my Death" and "Asylum"

I sit there all night, waiting to help her

I sit there all night, waiting to help her

The crickets of the night tell me a prayer

My heart tells me I can be her savior

Why must I live without grace?

When the adolescence of life is waning helplessly on unresolved conclusions

Abolish the self-centered humans who walk this demolished planet without empathy

For them, will not receive victory or failure

They will receive no sympathy

Death is the final conclusion


The entity of life lingers haunted sights

Cold broken Asylum, his walls speak to me

The children were hungry by the tremble in his speaking

This isn’t any ordinary human hallucination

Stark sights of the walls were nothing but ruination

Cells run my brain without determination in this crucial exaggeration

Thoughts and thoughts of the dead fill me with dread

Dreadful considerations and anxiety morsels drop out like rain

Red and black stain the sky with pure evil

Visions of the devil make me shrivel

No sign of life, holy, or heavenly

Signs of hate, pain, sorrow, and hell fell like a rock down a well

Giggles and teasing of the devil’s children

were perceived from the walls

I'm a Christian and the majority of the lyrics I do involve religion.

Thank you much!

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Hi Dominick, welcome to Songstuff :)

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Welcome to Songstuff Dominick :) I think it will be more helpful to you if you post your lyrics in the Lyrics Critique section :)

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Hey Dominic ..

Welcome to Songstuff :)

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