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Really Feeling A Song, Guitar No Problem, Lyrics Just Blocked.

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I was really feeling bad today, my heart ached because I got into a confrontation with someone I liked a lot. But it turned out bad and left me feeling sad and confused.

So today after teaching lessons I grabbed my guitar and started just playing what I felt. It turned out really the way I felt. So I started my recorder and just sang whatever came to mind. The melody and guitar I liked. But the lyrics dont make sense and it seems to turn into a different subject. It was about my heart ache at first then I started singing about missing my mom (who died by drunk driver). Then I just lost it emotionally and started crying after singing a certain lyric.

The thing is. I did not get a song, and I didnt knwo what to say. I really feel like the song was about my mom the whole time and then I realized it. But I just didnt know what to say. I cant think. Its like I see an image of her, and have no idea what to say. I just think, man I miss her. But I would like to write about her and cant.

Is there a series of questions I should write?

I just recorded a short version of guitar and lyrics. The lyrics were on the fly and dont really make sense the whole time. But you can see where I am coming from. I just feel most of the time that I do not know what I feel.

I figured I would talk about this because this is litterally fresh as of last 20 to 30 minutes.

Broken In Two.MP3

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You probably already know the story of Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight"

For those who don't. He got into a huge argument with his wife and was rather teed off. He wasn't in a forgiving mood whatsoever. He wrote it as the antithesis to what he felt at the time. So emotional catalysts can take you anywhere you want if you are open to that. You can use your emotional muse in many ways including venting, avoiding, and overcoming if they are negative emotions.

Sometimes, we get a lot of gibberish which we can't understand ourselves. That's the way I right. I right lyrics, instrument in hand by mumbling along. The melodic phrasing is what I'm looking for. Sometimes I catch myself in a cliche. I think about it I have both a harmonic rhythm and a melodic rhythm and what sounds like scat because that's basically what it is. I record as quickly as possible. Then I break out the text editor and work out the rest of my ideas from there. Which saves me a lot of time over my old way which was to sit and scat my way through while trying to find words and then jotting them down.

These days my focus is all on instrumentals. I'm less concerned with lyrics. Which makes it a bear to figure out a title for the song. When I dabbled in lyric writing I'd always try and pull a title out of my scribbles and scat. With a title you can build a song. It doesn't have to be the final title. Just a means to give direction to your context.


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Freewriting is a great way to experience emotions. You write for ten minutes, no stopping or editing or correcting, just writing while.remaining conscious of your senses. Colors and smells, tastes and textures. Finally, you don't try to make sense of it, you just write.

Then, you go back through it, picking out the things which touch upon where you would like a lyric to go. Pick out key words and write them down. Under each word make a list of rhyming words from your rhyming dictionary. You can gain a lot of ground this way, plus you avoid cliche because your not using easy rhyme. It really a very nice technique.

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Sorry, wasn't finished, despite what my phone thought.

Having the melody already is great. Make writing the lyric so much easier.I would steer far away from easy rhymes with this one and allow it to gain depth.

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