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Taking The Musician Road

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I am taking a huge risk in my life, but I really thought about who and what I want to become in this life. I been dealing with this issue for the past few years of my life, but especially the last yr right after I graduated from high school. I wasn't sure what I wanted to become... or what.

I went homeless for 10 days to clear my mind, which makes no sense, but lol... I thought if I had nothing... what would mean the most to me. (I also learn I can survive being homeless/poverty striken)I thought it out carefully, and being an "entertainer" seems to be what I have to go with. If I were to die soon, this is what i want more than anything else.

So, I enroll in college (now the 2nd yr), but decided to take classes to help me with this craft. Voice, guitar, piano, fundamental of music, theater (on a whim), and history of rock. i have some savings, which I am going to spend to pursue this lifestyle choice. I may or may not come out with a degree, but the point is to learn the basics.

I have written some lyrics though, been doing that on-off for the past 2 yrs. I saved a lot of them, they are all scatter about.

I went to Voice class today, and I KNOW I sound horrible to the instructor (I just forgot how to ....sing on key, just monotone..! omg). But I had to do it, or else I wouldn't progress. The instructor didn't care she seem, but she probably thought, "you suck" lol. I am pushing myself against my safety zone.

At least I didn't walk away like some people did, in fear.

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Good to meet you. Welcome to Songstuff. :)

Best thing I can suggest is to sing as often as you can, get used to paying attention to your voice, it's tone etc, experiment to find your range. It takes effort to learn to sing, just like any instrument, and it's enjoyable to do. I sing pretty well anywhere. out shopping, wandering around the house, even in the office I used to work in. people get used to it pretty quickly lol

Good luck on your chosen course!

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Welcome. Sounds like you have a deep rooted passion for what you are doing, compliments to you for chasing after what you want. John is right. Sing often, everyday, all the time, in the car, in you mind, on the toilet, in the shower, at the gas pump!

Good luck to you. You will find a lot of helpful information here!

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