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Hey everybody, I'm Overlord Fombax. I'm a theatre student in Boston, and I experiment with songwriting mostly as a secondary track, although I'm trying to develop my work into something more. I've written many original songs and lyrics, mostly in an intimate pop-rock style for piano or guitar (which I am mildly serviceable at). I've also written several songs for various theatrical contexts, and I'm working on an original rock musical based on The Odyssey. Furthermore, I've taken several theory classes and I enjoy composing barbershop or other vocal arrangements of popular songs.

I'm just looking for a place to share my work and get some varied and detailed critiques, as well as a place to meet other writers and participate in interesting discussions. I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time, but I only recently gained enough confidence in my work to post it online. I'll try and post recordings of my stuff as frequently as I can, although I'm quite the amateur at recording and I'm just working on my laptop's Audacity with a little Snowball microphone by Blue. I'll also help anyone I can with their work and collaborate with anyone who might be interested (If you're working on a musical, I'm your guy.)

So that's me. I also love graphic novels, debates, video games and dogs. Any questions? : )

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Welcome to Songstuff :)

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Hello Overlord :) Welcome to Songstuff!

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