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Hi Everyone. Bk Williamson First Post Thanks!

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Hello and thanks for the warm welcome to this Music Board.


My name is BK Williamson, just call me Bryan.  I have been writing lyrics for many years as well as Fiction stories.  I currently have two manuscripts under consideration for publication.  Keeping my fingers crossed and getting ready to do the Social Marketing thing.


Most of my lyrics could be put to Folk - Rock or Alt-Country.  I was first inspired to write by artists like Kris Kristofferson, Jessie Winchester, Rusty Wier and more recently by Jason Isbell, Imagine Dragons and Zac Brown.  Please feel free to respond with any comments or critiques.


Thanks very much!!!


email:  bk.williamson01@gmail.com


Here is a lyric I just finished called  "Whispers the Score"




Whispers the Score

by: BK Williamson © 7/27/2013


I strolled in the darkness

through those barroom doors

to sit with my neon filled soul

Right past the angel

who whispers the score

Dancing with shadows so cold


I looked through the amber

to the bottom of my glass

reflecting so empty and warm

Away from the winter

that dwells in my past

A temporary rest from the storm



Well I’m still in the wind

on that highway so high

Don’t know if I’ll ever touch down

An’ if I had a friend I’d say

friend don’t you cry

I’m just livin’ the dream that I found


I climbed me a mountain

 looked out on the world

higher than I’d ever been

Pouring my heart in-

-to the smile of a girl

while throwing my cares to the wind


I crawled through that city

on the edge of sky

where the forest turns into concrete

I dreamed I saw God

 looked him in the eye

an kissed him… right on the cheek


Chorus: =========


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  • Noob

Hi my name is Darrein I'm new to this but I have one amazing voice and I'm looking forward to sharing it with the world! I would like to hear good advice music offers, and im also I'm will to colab with other artist. Feel free to support and I promise to return the love!


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Thanks JD,


I appreciate you taking the time to respond.  I see you're a member of a few groups here.  I'm just getting to know the site but I'll definitely check them out.


Thanks again,


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Hi Dee,


Very nice to meet you.  I am also looking to collaborate.  Being a lyricist is sometimes a bit frustrating.  There are so many more lyricists than there are musicians. 


Good luck to you!!


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Hi Tom,


Thanks for the warm welcome!!


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