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Welcome. I'm so happy to be aboard.
Anyway, my name is Kerri, and I'm addicted to writing. ("Hi, Kerri!" in small group circle chant)
Well, I have a love for writing at least. I've begun my journey in hopes to rediscover myself through words.
I am a journalism major and hoping to soon get an internship position at a local radio station. Heck, maybe someday you'll hear me or see me on TV reporting news, maybe even perhaps see my name as an editor for a magazine! I promise I'll sign autographs wink.gif
Wow, I realize how strange I must sound going back and re-reading this. My bad. I promise that yes, I'm weird, but I'm also very approachable. I can be a very blunt person, which sometimes gets me into trouble.
I love writing song lyrics and singing them to myself, but I don't quite have a singing voice acceptable to others. Nor can I play guitar/piano, which is how I imagine the music to my songs being. It's quite sad, really, but perhaps someday I'll meet someone who can write the music to my lyrics and all will be hunky dorie. smile.gif
I'm an open book, so if you have a question or just want to chat, feel free to send a hello! I have many, many interests, and I can make friends with pretty much anyone. Give it a shot!
Thank you all for welcoming me aboard with open arms. I can't wait to travel the seas with you. Hope you brought your life jacket!

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Hi Kerri! I just joined a few minutes before you, so let me be the first noob to welcome a fellow noob! I look forward to seeing future posts. I always wanted to get into journalism, but for too long lacked the discipline to SERIOUSLY delve into such a grand vocation. Enjoy!


Welcome to you too then! :)

I'm actually a journalism major in my freshman year of college! Awesome :D

I'm also a part of AllTheLyrics where post of my work is posted, but I can't wait to post here and get feedback too!

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