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Mum 'n' Dad's Records

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I was just remembering the records I listened to as a small child, Mum n Dad's records...before I was old enough to buy my own. I'd sit by the hi fi for hours in headphones searching through their LPs.


I was wondering what, if any, influence their music had on me (I think I hear some, maybe...not sure) ... And then I wondered what others here grew up on before they could go buy their own (So I can see if it had some influence on you)...


If anyone's interested. A few I remember and still love.






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It's good that hasn't affected you. :)


As much as I've tried I've become the old man resistant to change. I've never been a fan of hip hop to begin with but when I worked at Ultimate and got forcibly tuned into underground hip hop I was not amused.  It took every bit of stamina to maintain my live and let live disposition.


Growing up we always had to listen to music via headphones in the house. My Brothers sisters (four sisters, two brothers)  and I had amassed quite a collection  of vinyl. When I started working at my high school radio station we'd get all these "not for resale" albums from record labels.  Because we were such a low watt station they were never the big name artists.  The station would have to buy titles and we were only allowed a certain amount of money to do so.  The labels via interns would always hand us two or three copies.  With over 50,000 albums of all styles there was no room for duplicates. So we were allowed to take some of these no hit wonders home.  Some were great. 


I've always thought about scarfing through resale shops and the like to collect records of no hit wonders for personal amusement.

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We had no access to current music, which were 45s & 33s. Ok we had a radio, but that and TV pop shows were about it. One UK show was Juke Box Jury.


No, we had a 78 gramaphone, which no one used except me. There were about a dozen discs only, and the only one I liked was this one.



I was very young and drove my parents nuts playing it all the time. The needle had to be replaced after about 6 plays, so there was a tray of them next to the turntable.


Someone bought me a 45 single once & we could not play it of course.


I didnt get a record player until I was 15. Until then, I would try to remember the songs I liked as best I could and just imagine them. I still do, and often 'improve' upon the original. ;)


Oh yes, I had to wait until I was working so as to buy my first guitar too.  


My mum liked Shirley Bassey and my dad liked Mantovani. 


Surely this qualifies as a musically deprived childhood? 

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I dont recall it being so stright laced as that. David Jocobs sounds as if he's just stepped out of his spitfire.


"I like the beat" was a common expression. It was used a couple of times on every show.


When the Rolling Stones appeared, Charlie Watts came across as nervous and in need of confidence (or a bit dim TBH).


Asked what his favourite current single was, Mick Jagger answered 'Like a Rolling Stone' by Bob Dylan.

When Charlie was asked he said 'I dunno, I'll stick wiv what Mick says'.

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Ugh, hard task, the influences are so vast and varied, Ill skip obvious world known music like the Beatles and such.


there were a lot french influences, covers or originals



One local hit from the movie



One of the gypsy influences (ugh I like those)



or Russian gypsies from the famous movie



or  classical Hungarian dance



and so on, good times and beautiful music

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