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  1. Ugh, hard task, the influences are so vast and varied, Ill skip obvious world known music like the Beatles and such. there were a lot french influences, covers or originals One local hit from the movie One of the gypsy influences (ugh I like those) or Russian gypsies from the famous movie or classical Hungarian dance and so on, good times and beautiful music
  2. This guy combined music with... kitty, ok its not kitty but its some kind of pet.. sort of. And there you go ... 7.000.000 views! So we can actually earn by performing music to certain "fans" if we are smart huh? If I go out and play I suspect the biggest group of people that will come to my concert would be local police force. lol
  3. Not yet, but they are introducing adds, and new account type for earning through adds. I was just comparing plays on SoundCloud to Youtube or Spotify and recent comments.
  4. Thanks everyone, interesting insights. Just listened to the other song of our fellow Songstuffer on Soundcloud and the recommended song kicked in automatically. It sounded somehow familiar I thought its again fellow Songstuffer, but then while I was reading the other comments I recognized that melody ... it was Ed Sheeran's "Give me love". Checked the plays - 16 millions, likes 124k. So he might earn a couple of dollars with this numbers, but I guess he'll get more with touring or maybe he has silly kitty videos as well.
  5. Emily, sorry to interrupt the normal flow of responses, but this is posted in wrong subforum. When mods move the topic they can delete my post
  6. I have a bit different situation. I usually play guitar repeating piles of ideas I collected over the decades. I probably forgotten triple of that number so recently I started recording every new idea I got. It was at first on a phone, but then a couple of moths ago I bought cheap mic and from that time I record all ideas directly in my DAW(Mixcraft) on computer. To record idea I dont need perfect conditions as my house is pretty busy and there is almost always some noise. For just ideas its ok to have background noise, but to complete the idea to full song I have to wait till everyone is asleep in the house and in neighbourhood which is around midnight. The I can work on the song and record it. Of course its not proffesional sound, but I am not professional so I recon its decent for what I can achieve.
  7. I sent my recent song to one internet radio and asked can I get some stats on playing. I wasnt thinking about money but when he said that they provide playlist to reporting bodies I realized that they do pay some royalties based on plays(but I might be wrong?) or course not to authors but to reporting bodies. Then I searched google a bit and came to a couple of articles about online earning for musicians(authors). Here are the links 1. site: BBS Spotify reveals artists earn $0.007 per stream 2. site The guardian Music streaming: what do songwriters really get from YouTube or Pandora? So based on these numbers its rather low earn huh? I have total of 395 plays of all my songs on Soundcloud . if imagine its on Spotify it would be 395*0.007=2.765$ not to bad for nobody like me. If on the other hand I earn like Ellen Shipley something likle 0.00001817 per play on Youtube Id be still waithing for my first cent(0.007177$) lol Any thought or even experience to share anyone?
  8. Found an interesting article about how music can influence our subconcious...I already new about some experiments with adds during moive plays and read about some Beatles experiments, so yeah, maybe we shuold all include something like "Ohh Zed's music is so good I have to buy it now" in our music....lol
  9. Just found this on the other site.
  10. Found this survey results on another site and thought it might be interesting for other guys here. Hmm, if its not proper subforum mods can move it where it belongs. http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2013/05/how-people-discover-and-consume-music-infographic.html
  11. Ahh, (click, turned on the brain) now I understand Or maybe not lolI thought its monthly newsletter. And I could not find the second freebie mail I mean that I was to receive 6 days after joining.
  12. Hmm, that means no, I suppose.Now after I reread your first post I realize that the news are "NOT currently posted on Songstuff". So I cant find back issues, actually I found only the issue of 30.05.2014, and could not find the one from June. Pity.
  13. Hey John great news. I am rather new here but is it possible to obtain back issues?
  14. Nice video and great song Michael. I joined this forum a bit after you posted this but I am glad I stumbled upon this topic. I like it.
  15. I read in a book about the Beatles that they were very careful about ending(and starting) their songs in many variations. There is a reason behind that, of course. Songwriting is an art and you dont want your song to sound bland, boring and uninteresting, so you decorate your song in as many ways you seem appropriate and intro and ending are no exception to that.
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