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Devil In Disgusie

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My smile hides a pain I hope you will never know a private hell I never show

Inside I’m dying, hurt by a woman twisted hell bent on revenge


Selfish greed and twisted truths, a hidden past

Not even the devil dare laugh

She is destruction on a shadowed path

Blinded and mental, vengeance till the end

Using children as her key to unlock that sinful revenge


You took my beautiful boy away with lies and deceit, Spiteful games cut so deep

My mind lost in an empty world of numb disbelief


Devil woman, devil woman

I’m here to bring about your demise

To bring down all those lies

Devil woman there will be nowhere left to hide


Life now filled by unforgivable silence but still every time I close my eyes all I hear are tainted lies

My pain has no tears it’s lost confused from fear

The want for my boy falls on deaf ears

I’m being screwed by a system you abused

Filled with feelings of madness held together by

Deafening screams of muted sadness


And those people you fooled, clouded judgement only used as tools

Soon they will open their eyes to know everything about you is one big lie


Just know the love for my boy you can never destroy

That little boy he is part of me


Selfishness and greed, drama with lies

Now a fight you will get and

That big devil will laugh

Ha ha ha, For once the truth will be a blast


Blinded almost insane I finally see it was me

Me who brang our family to its knees

All the agony, the pain there I was the devil

The devil in disguise

Time and time again I called you names

I screamed you will listen to me

How many times did I not see it was me who should have listened?

How blind could I be?


The devil was always looking for the devil I did not see that devil was me

Living a distorted reality

Twisting inside I’ve nowhere left to hide, I’m the devil the devil in disguise

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I'm getting very distinct imagery from this, and it's filled with emotion, which adds immensely to the enjoyment. The only thing is, I feel like the change from anger at his innocent wife to his self-hatred is a bit abrupt, but I suppose the way you did it could be better to some. Either way, this is very good.

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There are two sides to every situation with no hard answers- your story is gut wrenching and painful- hopefully common-sense rules the day when it comes to the well-being of a child or children...great write!....regards Mike

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