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Growing Up In Switzerland (Part 1)

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Growing up in switzerland was hard, showing up to school feeling like a retard, not only because i kept failing my report card, but because i never felt accepted on the schoolyard.

Imagine beint sarrounded by people you want to talk with, but they treat you like filth and keep on spreading a myth, that you can't understand, because you're fron kangarooland.

i tried my best, to learn german for the test, kept on making progress until i controlled it fully, that was when i had to deal with my bully.

He was the stereotypical dibshit, the billy madison misfit, it was almost like in a movie skit. He made me feel like i belong in a pit, always called me skinny Pomfret. My dad introduced me to the boxing district, made me get fit, for this hit. Heres a hint, after that all the myths were extinct and he couldn't eat any mint, because his tooth had a dent.

Then everything was cool for a while, untill we had to choose a work trial, in an envirment where we feel no denile.

Already by the age of two, i knew, what proffesion i was going to do. So there was no time to loose over what proffesion i was going to choose.

By the end of the semester, i wanted to be a hairdresser.

I achieved, the vision i pecieved. Even a year earlier than my class mates, that gave me all these hates, for opening the gates in my life, that apparently make me end up without a wife.

They kept on calling me gay, i wonder what they would say, if they knew, i see more girls a day, than they see from july until may.

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