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  1. hello,welcome

  2. sure...just put up for comments,etc
  3. my 2 posted songs are in the rap/hip hop section

  4. nice. . some what like my work..good wright
  5. good work...short like mine..can always add to it...check mine out..good job
  6. Pistol packin triple hamburger stackin don't think for a minute im slackin its your f*ckin bags ill be packin I am the man the top dog talk shit you get rolled over like a log I got the bling gold chaines diamond rings huhh yeah so much shit you never seen you probably don't even know what the f*ck I mean education time teach you mother f*ckers how to rhyme just to pass my time in the local thug bar im the only mother f*ckin star dealers n pimps they pay me the rents just to walk my street and im the mother f*cker you never wanna meet double dealin free wheelin might be your wife and daughter I be steelin and its there pussy I might be dealin motherf*ckin pimp daddy like my chicks tight don't want no fatty herion and hoes all over these streets everybody knows find that shit everywhere the wind blowes lay down a line and suck that shit up your nose aha la la la laaa huhh.haha...yeah I like them bitches easy but not cheesy now get the f*ck on your knees and please me..... Written by jesse w h loucks....THEHOUND
  7. When we first met we had so many good times you had so many good lines I don't have to think hard to come up with the rhymes to tell you how I feel that's how I know this shits for real choris I got you baby now and I don't want to let you go and all these feelings that I have I want to let you know baby I want you in my life and maby some day ill make you my wife ive had other lovers but I never felt like this pure bliss baby your on my mind 24/7 I know you been sent from heaven just cant waite to get you home caress your body from head to toe baby you just don't know the love I have for you choris the first time we met I was ahh struck maby fate maby luck felt like I got hit by a mack truck there comes a time in every mans life for change time to rearrange the things that are not right time to take flight and with you in my life everything is allright choris THIS TOOK 10 MIN TO WRIGHT..JUST A SAMPLE...PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS THANKS/JESSE
  8. looking for musicians for collaboration on new material...country ,rock,rap ,blues..doesn't matter.I can wright what you are looking for..poems and songs.if interested hit me up..thanks..jesse


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