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Hello from the Chicago area!

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Hi guys, my name is Jordan.  I'm primarily a vocalist, but I also play guitar.  I've primarily been a "basement" musician; I always assumed that, after graduating college, I would wait to form/join bands until I had a "real" (meaning financially independent) job and got my own place, so then I didn't have to worry about logistics involving cars and family etc.  But now I turn 25 in a week so that's really jumpstarted me to get to work...not that 25 is too old or anything but I should have been doing this stuff at 22 haha.


I'd say there's a dichotomy in my goals....on one hand my ultimate goal is to be a professional singer in a band that plays original music, whether that's the tunes I write or another member who has superior ability, but I'm definitely not a hired gun in this situation.  On the other hand I want to at least find a local bar/cover band or any opportunities to gain experience in the industry, while also making some money so I can use it as a part-time job in place of like a retail job I'd get now that I had to quit my "real" job last week for personal reasons.


I have a lot of influences and are open to all genres, but I guess I'd say my writing style is mostly a mix between melodic rock and r&b, but it's hard to pinpoint exactly as I pretty much write the melodies, basic song structure, lyrics, and chords (or at least notes/parts that outline the chords)....I can go full on composer mode but I find I just get stuck at one song instead of writing a bunch.  I'm hoping to find my Lennon to my McCartney lol, or at least partner(s) that can help me get the ideas in my head down into concrete music, or at least act like a producer for my songs.  I also have a ton of singing influences, but both my singing and writing/playing there's definitely a technical/objective component that is quite frankly lacking in the singer-songwriter style, which seems to be pretty dominant around here.


If anybody in the area is interested, or heck anybody anywhere, feel free to contact me!  I say anywhere cuz I figure in this day and age we can skype/send sound clips etc and could write and record whole demos/recordings, and with our undeniably amazing songs get deals/fans/finances and then get together, go on tour and conquer the world haha.


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Hi and welcome to Songstuff! Sounds like the ideal time to work your ass off. Do yourself a big favour and learn about the music biz, what the roles are, what they do, why they do it etc. It'll really help if you have a decent grounding in more than writing and performance.

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Welcome to Songstuff.

I hope you enjoy being here on the site and find it a useful place to be  :)


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