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How I go about writing my lyrics

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Ok, so firstly i don't know if this post is in the right place, so moderators if it isn't then can you please move it to a more appropriate place.


So when it comes to writing lyrics i believe it's important to try to do two things, one is every line of the lyrics has to rhyme, and two the song needs to be about something meaningful, sadly for me this does not seem to work, as i can make lyrics that rhyme, but they have no meaning to them, or i can make lyrics that have meaning but they sadly don't rhyme, and when i try to mix "Meaningful" and "Rhymes" in the same format, i get headaches trying to find accurate words that rhyme, but don't deter from the meaning the song's message.


I also have something of a Bob Marley philosophy where "If you could cure racism and hate and all the negative things in our world, it is best done by injecting meaningful music into peoples lives"


Some of the things i have ideas for lyrics for are:

1. Racism

2. Hatred

3. War

4. Love

5. Heartbreak

6. Loss

7. The 2010/2011 Queensland Floods

8. Cyclone Tracy

9. Titanic

10. The September 11 Terrorist attack

11. The French Bombings

12. The Chernobyl Accident

13. Feminism

14. Cyber Bullying

15. Bullying

15. Not Giving Up, No Matter What Life Throws At You

16. Learning to live life to the maximum

17. Caring for others

The list could go on, but i'm hoping you get the idea


The way I structure my lyrics are as follows(most times, i will sometimes change my lyrics structure based of the intended message of the song)












In terms of how many lines i use per verse, is actually undecided sometimes i use 4, sometimes i use 8, and rarely i'll add more lines to my verses

The reason for this is, when i'm trying to tell a meaningful story through the lyrics, i try to put as much of the story into the lyrics, so the story is clear through the lyrics, and it's meaning is powerful.

I do admit on the occasion i will write some silly lyrics just to do something ridiculously random, but those lyrics i usually put into a folder i named "Never to be revealed to the public", another words it will never see a tune to it, because it's what i would perceive as a meaningless, and story less song which no one will enjoy


Anyways, thank you for reading, i look forward to sharing my lyric's ideas in the nearby future.




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