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Getting Started With Songstuff - A Must Read

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Welcome to the Songstuff Songwriting and Music Community!

It's good to have you aboard. You've made a great choice in joining our community!


We hope you both enjoy your time here, and that you get some real benefit from being a member here. To help you make the most of Songstuff, we have put together this brief introduction to help you.


Being new, anywhere, can feel a little awkward. However, it is worth remembering we were all new once, and we all have an interest in making great music in common. Getting to know people makes a huge difference to what you get out of a community. So dive in. We don't bite.


So what is Songstuff?

Songstuff is a free music resource covering creative, technical and business topics involved in the music industry, and a number of related topics. Use the menu at the top of the page to investigate the site further.


Introduce Yourself

The best way to get to know board members quickly, and for them to know you. Things to think about including your music experience so far, what your musical interests are, what you hope to get out of, or put into, the Songstuff forum. Even if you do not explain much about yourself, taking a little time to say "hi" and let people know that you are here is appreciated by members. So, please drop by the Introduce Yourself board and make your first post!

Tell us about yourself, what you hope to get out of Songstuff, what you hope to contribute to the community and (importantly for our site promotion efforts) how you found the site!


The best way to get started is to make some friends on the boards. Reach out to a mix of members. While it is great to get to know long term members, getting to know other recent members is also very useful. For a start they are new here, don't know anyone, and are looking to connect too.  Welcome them to the site, find out a bit about them. A little conversation goes a long way!


Visit member profiles, leave comments. While we are on that topic, remember to fill out your own member profile via account settings (from the drop down menu in the top right corner when you click on the down arrow next to your user name). For ease here is a quick link:




Signature and Your “About Me” Page


Filling in your profile is very important. Members getting to know each other builds connections, and it starts with you board profile.


There you will find your signature and your "About Me" page. You can edit your signature after you have made a few posts. I really recommend filling out your "About Me" page. You can add images, links, embed sound cloud songs using just the song link, embed YouTube videos using just the video link... it's a great place to tell members about you and your music.


Right Board For Your Topic


Use the musician's lounge for general chat, and try to use the right board for new topics and stay on topic when replying to specific topics. That doesn't mean you cannot wander a bit, more that if the topic is singing lessons, don't make your reply all about buying motorcycles! Keep it related as much as possible. This really helps with finding information.


Have fun, improve your knowledge and skills, and make great music, and great connections. Any questions, please ask a member of staff. We're a friendly bunch.



Subscribe, Add Friend, Become A Fan

Got a page on Facebook? Myspace? YouTube? Twitter?

Become a Fan of Songstuff on Facebook
Add Songstuff as a Friend on Myspace
Subscribe to the Songstuff Channel on YouTube
Follow Songstuff on Twitter

Board Guidelines

Before posting, please read the Board Guidelines. These explain the code of conduct expected of board members, including some examples of content that is allowed and content that is not allowed in posts or attachements.

Initial Limitations

Due to spamming we have been forced to introduce some limitations on your account until you reach 10 posts. This includes limited uploads, and no access to the PM system. Once you pass 10 posts you will be ablse to take full advantage of board features.


Moderators are volunteers who help to keep the boards tidy and spam free amongst other things). Moderators can also give advice on board features and how they can be used. If you have an issue with the behaviour of another member, or you wish to report a post, please contact one of our moderators.

Account Settings and Your Profile

Most of your personal set up is in the Account Settings. You can access this panel by Selecting "Account Settings" from the menu at the top right hand side of the boards. From here you can set up your About Me page, signature, and notification settings.

Critique Boards

The critique boards are maintained by the good will of all those who take part in these boards. They rely upon members reviewing each others work. While members are not all expected to be of the same technical experience level, there are many areas without technicality that even new writers can help their fellow writers with, even if it is general impression or the way a lyric made you feel.

When you post your work to the review boards for review please take the time to review others work to a good standard. If you post work, but few reviews, or your reviews are short and trivial, don't be suprised if this is the response your work receives.


While songs about topics such as religion or politics can be posted, please keep comments about the song. I.e., do not use such review topics to pass comment on differences in religious or political views.

Please support our critique boards by keeping them active, by reading and commenting on submitted pieces, even when you do not have work up for review!


You can set up and configure your blog on the Blogs home page.


You can set up and configure your gallery on the a Gallery Home Page. This includes album management.

The Musician's Lounge

The musician's Lounge is a general interest chat board. Topics in this board are pruned intermittently. While most subjects are discussed, remember to treat other members with respect and in accordance with the board guidelines.

Private Messaging (PM) System

The PM system allows you to send messages to individual members. To reduce problems with abuse of this system your PM system will not be available until you have some board posts under your belt. The board guidelines apply to the PM system as well as the boards themselves.

Invite Others

One of the main ways you can help to support our community, is to invite people to join. If you know someone passionate about music, please consider inviting them to join! This is not simply a numbers game, we need new members who will take part in the spirit of our community, and respect it's rules. Inviting others is a great opportunity to help make this community even better.

Owners Of Other Sites / Employees / Site Promoters

Please contact a site admin BEFORE posting any links, promotion items, or promotion content on Songstuff. This includes adding links, promotion text, and non active urls to your About Me page, Signature, or anywhere within your profile. Our Site Admin will provide guidance on permissable use of links and promotion content and advise on any possibilities that are open to you at that time.






PS it is needing brought up to date, but you might also find our "Getting Started" guide of some use:



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On 7/14/2020 at 1:41 PM, Patchez said:

I still think a "noobs" post, the Frame should be colored, light yellow, or etc. and should be TIME based as well as posting based. Many saavy post 10, quick. Be a noob for 30 days?


A good suggestion. I was looking into how we could do his. you will be glad to know it is implemented, with the post border in green (yellow was barely noticeable) and the time as a noob is 60 days. Thanks for your suggestion @Patchez!

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