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  1. A couple by the same artist. this was shortly before she passed and it is amazing that she can do this with past stage 4 cancer. She performs like there is nothing wrong.
  2. I want to amend the the flippant answer I gave early in this thread that said "Money/Chicks". The whole truth is I know I will probably never recoup the money I have put into writing songs. At 71, the only way I get chicks is if they think I have money! So, what am I in it for? I haven't given up on having more than 1 hit song. I love to write. It amazes me, at least, that I can put words together in a way that tells stories, or touches people. Testimony. I am a Christian, and though I don't preach to people, songs are my way of doing that. And again, applause, whether written, oral, or real applause, it is still the best drug on the market.
  3. Thanks Peggy, I have been moving about quite a bit, now in Vlore, Albania, but learning I can connect to people all over the net just fine. I even had an internet streaming radio owner try to talk me into moving back to Nashville. LOL! I told him thanks for the compliment, but...
  4. Fingers crossed, but I just signed on to write all the lyrics for a young female country singer putting out her 3rd album. She is with the same producer who did her last 2, and he pays for all the studio time, musicians etc. I don't put in a dime. No, she isn't famous and you wouldn't know her name. I will share the songs once she is done and ready to publish them. I've written 5 so far, from scratch, to her titles. I have 5-7 more to go. will I ever make a dime from them, maybe but probably not. Wish me luck. Update, I've written 12 and she's heading in to the studio this week. I've also decided to actively pursue co-writes and cuts with many other young unknowns and so far made a few more connections.
  5. Thanks Peggy, I have a couple of new ones up now.
  6. Hi all, I've been a bit busy, and got away from my love, making music, for a bit. For those who don't know me, I was on here for a while, and posted a few songs, and nice to meet you.
  7. What people request in karaoke is a good example of peoples tastes today. When I go out and sing, which I do a few times a week, I hear Sweet Caroline, You Never Even Called Me By My Name, Achy Breaky Heart, and the like, ad nauseum.I sing tons of songs other people don't, and many they will never sing, and I rarely do them like the originals. I still make new fans every time I sing. I know musicians look down on karaoke, but it is what I can do onstage, without having canned tracks of my songs. And I am still an applause junkie.
  8. Ya gots to realize not many people out there today, especially the young ones, have no idea what it takes to make music. You are preaching to a crowd of people who mostly like hip-hop, rap, and canned pop. Personally, I can appreciate almost any kind of good music. I might now know how to make it, but like the art critic, I know what I like.
  9. Me, for the reasons most men get into it: 1) For the money! 2) For the chicks! 3) To touch people with my words!
  10. Hi again all, Sometimes I forget how special these ladies are:
  11. Hi John, I now have my very first mini-studio together. I have no real clue what most of the knobs/buttons on my mixer are for, but, so far, I have figured out how to hook in my new Rode mic, and good earphones, adjust the mic volume, and get it to work with my BIABox. Wish me luck!!!
  12. Hi Peggy, Thanks for including one of mine here!
  13. Hi All, One of the best banjo pickers and one of the best bluegrass flat-pickers together. I liked it!
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