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i give a f*ck (not finished)

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see i do give a f*ck
i give a f*ck about the world i'm introducing my kids to
i give a f*ck that people don't give a f*ck
kill people then write about it in a hook
its wrong,12 year old girls walking round in thongs
make up on bra pushed up,perved on by men wanting to f*ck
then go home and pull their junk to kids
dirty old men arrested with a thousand vids
on their computer screen vile people make me want to scream
and all you bitches running round with knives
thinking your the shit ending peoples lives
and its not just the youth i know its others
sick of hearing in the news about kids being taken from their mothers
so don't go preaching about i don't give a f*ck
if you have that attitude in life then i wish you luck
if you have a child be a man and provide
don't be a joker or go run and hide
stand up and be counted,be someone appreciated
don't write lies about your life and exaggerate it
society is in decline a constant crisis
terrorists dropping bombs heads taken off by isis
going to war to prevent war is for what???
our innocent soldiers being killed and shot
we have Hussain, Bin-laden too
what the f*ck else is there for them to do
send them home reunite with there families
some never go home because of all the calamities
thats going on within our government and rules
country being run by overpaid biggots and fools
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