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Introducing Myself (COPS INVOLVED)

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I just recently learned how to use a toaster. This is unrelated.


Greetings, fellow unemployed artists musicians. My name is Brandon, and I am starving in an alleyway a composer. I make instrumental music with one of my closest friends, and together we've formed a band called Seismosphere, where we explore a plethora of genres and styles. We've been collaborating for roughly two years, but I've been doing music for about five years. I'm not classically trained, but I do have an intermediate understanding of music theory. I just sort of learned on my own what chords, keys, time signatures, modes, scales, and pickup lines were over the course of the past five centuries, and constantly strive to implement them in unusual ways in my music. I taught myself on a piano, and I currently own a semi-professional Yamaha Synthesizer, which I use to record most of my contributions to Seismosphere. I want to make something of my knowledge of music and audio production as possibly a career path, insert Disney musical number here. 


Other than that, I hope I can be a useful cog in the machine that is Songstuff Forums, because I can't do that for society. You may now throw money and/or freshly-sharpened razors at me.

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2 hours ago, HoboSage said:

Hi, Brandon.  I notice you have Yoko Ono as an influence and torture as an interest, and I can't help but think they're directly related.






This made my night. Thanks for that. They're actually completely exclusive, just to add fuel to your newfound night terrors. You're welcome. :P


See, I found the emoticons. I'm moving up in the world already.

And thanks for the words of welcome, everyone. I'm excited to start being active here, I just need to quit being lazy. 

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