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I can't seem to hold these feelings in
Scary thoughts of my past keep creeping up my back
Spent hours trying erase this user error
Trying to explain but I'm clinically insane
It will only confuse the common sane
Hollow shell of a man 
Playing the victim hoping to see some change


Seven personalities make up the daily
Never steady like your best mate
But shaky as f*ck can you relate 
But those who really know me know the meaning behind these faces
Angry outbursts last for seconds becoming diversions to the 
Decisions on the fly leaving my pocket high and dry as
Moments of darkness haunt my days leaving me
Craving isolation to set myself apart from the population
As anxious thoughts stack up
Heightening frustration
Have you ever had happiness leave quicker than lightning 


I go in hoping for the best but that feeling just left me like the rest
Leaving me voiceless amongst my competition 
f*ck all this mental stress 
I can't let myself give in
Bending to the will of others is out of the question
But to allow inhibition to affect my decisions 
Is like negotiating with terrorists making deals with our nation


During these times of oppression we need the voice of a leader
Suggesting Snowden's return doesn't  sound so bad either
His premonition of corruption causing chaos and destruction 
The only one to acknowledge our legislation is conning our knowledge 
Exposing secrets of those now buried in coffins 
Sparking feelings to rise up and speak
Riots spread like fire each one so unique 
Not racist, but black lives matter is just a cover for a bigger matter
Pulling back the wool that covers our eyes
We're just drones controlled until the day we die


Bicker behind the keys of a message board
Slandering others just to boost our petty ego
But my ego is like a Christmas party's ugly sweater 
Funny and weird as can be 
But reserved like a fine wine 
Sitting  on your shelf just passing the time


Until the day you're ready to face the man you've become
A mere reflection of your father 
What the f*ck
I told myself I would never be my father
I told myself I would do what he didn't and go farther
That my kids will never grow up like we did


Inadvertently his words of wisdom reached my heart
Soon after his love was ripped from my arms
Distance causes family to speak not so frequently
Daily activities converted into descriptive journal entries 
Only to read them off to a voice heard through the receiver 
But I understand now what it all entailed
You fought the hardest fight that any man would ever allow
Thoughts of your kids growing up without your presence 
Drove a stake through your heart you couldn't help but scream out
A silent cry for help you hid it so well 
But I understand now
To sit by and wait must've been hell
You did it for the sake of saving face
I pray everyday that you're not so overwhelmed 

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Any plans to record them? Even without a beat.


Some nice lines in there. "Seven personalities", I know what you mean, but it could be mixed up like a multiple personality disorder, which bipolar isn't. A simple tweak could pull it in line though: "like seven personalities, made up daily". I don't think going into the forums section is necessary here. It's filler, a distraction.


Overall the piece works pretty well.

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