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Beautiful Pain Ft Eminiem & Sia

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Beautiful Pain


 (Eminem & Sia Hook/Chorus)

(my rap starts at 0:47 seconds)



I’m staring in this mirror looking at this beautiful pain

not liking what i’m seeing,the person looking back isn’t the same

it’s a dark dark room there’s no lights to be seen

it’s a reflection of my life and how hard it’s been

forever being judged by my closest friends and family

never know my struggles and nobody looking out for me

the odd good days are just fanning the flames 

no solid light am i really the only one to blame

i need to find a switch and then turn it to bright

need to hold on to everything i got to stop my plight

it’s a painful reminder of my past i need to let go

look to the future and be able to say no

is that why i’m being punished?for my past mistakes?

now everyone keeps looking at me with disgust and hate

its not fair i’m being pushed out …..i’m a human being

and this person looking back doesn’t like what he’s seeing


(Eminem & Sia Hook/Chorus)

        (25 seconds long)



I’ve gained my strength i’m here fighting for my life

from the very moment i wake till the minute i sleep at night

im not giving up this time im staying here

ready to take on all comers im not showing any fear

my moment has arisen its time for me to shine

no more being labelled no more being left behind

make something of myself instead of looking down

time to be silent... your real friends will make a sound

to rid this beautiful pain of mine is my solitary aim

now im hearing thank you’s instead of your to blame

i can finally move my feet forwards no more backwards steps

the future played music to my heart 2 beats in my chest


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On 2/20/2017 at 9:59 AM, TheSylentType said:

Aii great bars bro!

The lines are tight and nice rhyme scheme. And the story is yet again really nicely written.

One big problem though...  I can't open the mp3 :(


Hi there,  

agreeing with all of that. Nice going.

(I can't open mp3 either)



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