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How To Improve Your Rap Skills In 5 Steps

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Are you an up and coming hip hop artist? Do you want to improve your rapping skills? If so, you have come to the write place because I created this article specifically for you. In this article, I'm going to go in depth on improving everything from your flow to your lyricism. Furthermore, once you're done reading these 10 simple steps, you will be ready to take over the rap game one verse at a time.


1.Study The Greats

If you want to become great at something, you must analyze the greats that came before you. Kobe looked up to Jordan. Nas looked up to Rakim. Everyone that you can think of that has been great at something has studied the people before them. Go listen to Nas,Kendrick,Biggie,Drake, and Tupac. Listen closely to their lyrics,flow, delivery, and content. Use this as influence for your own music.


2.Read Books

In order to become a better lyricist, you will need a strong vocabulary. Having a vast array of words at your disposal will enhance your ability to convey messages in interesting and entertaining ways. Also, reading books can improve the storytelling within your music. Learning how to craft narratives and characters within your music is an invaluable skill that will make people form a deeper connection with your music. All the great rappers like Nas,Kendrick,Pac,and Biggie were able to write vivid and compelling stories within their raps. That is a big reason why these men are so loved.


3. Learn Literary Devices

Another aspect of lyricism is the utilization of literary devices. Alliteration,rhyme schemes, and wordplay are just few ways you can spice your lyricism. First, alliteration   is several words starting with the same letter in close succession. An example of alliteration would be the following, I'm paranoid people parroting puppets. Second, rhyme schemes are the rhyming patterns used within your bars. An example of a complex rhyming pattern would be the following: 
Like the pencilin you take my pen is sealing your fate/Killing your faith dealing with hate and killing the fake/. Third, wordplay is using the same word multiple times, but with a different meaning each time. For example, People still steal using the steel is wordplay. Do research on these techniques and more by studying the English language and poems.


4. Rap With Conviction

One way to improve your rapping delivery is by rapping with conviction and passion. As an entertainer, it is imperative that you sound like you believe what you're saying or else people won't be interested in listening. For example, if you're rapping about how angry you are, the listener needs to hear that anger throur your voice and tone. If you're rapping about being happy, listeners need to feel that through your vocal inflections. Mastering delivery comes down to conveying your message in a convincing manner.


5. Practice

Practice makes perfect. This might sound cliche, but it doesn't make it any less true. The only way to improve at anything in life is by practicing and repetition. The more you do something, the more it will become like second nature to you. Set aside time every day to write bars and work on your flow and you will gradually see improvements in your skillset as time progresses.


If you're serious about improving your rap skills, please apply all of the steps listed in this article. The journey to getting anywhere in life starts with taking the right steps. Use this article as a jumpstart to greatness. Lastly, thanks to all who took time out of their day to read my article and I wish you all success in all of your future endeavors.

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