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    Hunned Kay
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    Lyricist, composer, audio recording, production, performance, music marketing and promotion.
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    Taking inspiration from some of the most prominent names in the music industry he too wanted to write songs of his own. His gained inspiration and motivation from Lil Wayne, Tupac, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Tory Lanes and other such accomplished names.

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  1. HI @VoiceEx Thanks for your feedback and genuine suggestions, I will definately consider reposting to appropriate sections.
  2. Hello, I'm Hunned Kay... American rapper, actor, and marketer. I wanted to bring some light on how connecting with other artists and building relationships can catapult your career. Most of us are great at promoting or pushing ourself to the public, but eventually we understand timing and resources. Building genuine connections to other musicians, influencers, and business savvy individuals allows a artist to leverage their resources and ultimately make it easier to gain recognition. When artists who have built their fanbase unite together on a feature collaboration, both artist have a greater chance to maximize the reaction to the project by the fans. Cross marketing to each others fanbases allows the artists to double the response and rate of engagement by their audiences. When a artists relationships are genuine and valuable to everyone involved it is a far greater cause and effect when it comes to marketing. If you are an unsigned or upcoming artist who may need marketing advice, tips & tricks, or just a like minded person who too believes in you then feel free to reach out. I'm always into meeting and building new relationships with positive people who too have a passion to be creative. Shoot me a message, DM Me, or shout me out.... Either way let's use 2023 to motivate, elevate, and celebrate each other as we develop as a artist and brand. Thanks, Kay! Follow me and Give a Shoutout on Instagram @TheRealHunnedKay for followback and shoutout back to my 52k+ audience!
  3. Hey happy to see you back Mike. Im looking forward to hearing some of your new music.
  4. Awesome having you join songstuff hope to see more from you.
  5. welcome to the platform glad to have you around
  6. WELCOME to songstuff TheeYNG hope to check out some of your content.
  7. Awesome welcome Che Whitey
  8. Hey thank you my friend, Im here and always welcoming anyone who wants advice or feedback. Kay
  9. Hey thanks everyone you guys are great! 


    I had the most liked content December 12th. I'm currently preparing something valuable to share with the SongStuff platform. Keep up the energy😁



  10. Hello TempestaGrey, how's it going?

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