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  1. Very decent and generous of you to post this attachment about your journey here Greg. Impressive numbers. The other impressive thing I found was your ability to be strong, solvent and confident enough to run your own show over the past 20+ years. I am endlessly interested in (to quote yourself) 'not striking it rich' v making a living out of your hobby, discussions. There is a motivation for doing music no doubt - i.e. because you can, because you believe it's good and the hope that others may like it. So that boils down to you want to be recognised for your talents and for the music you create perhaps? Or other personal reasons 'stick it to the man' etc🤩- I find the psychology aspect of this fascinating. This document is most definitely worth a read and used for reference. ....Let's hope that you make it to the million hits soon Greg...cheers.
  2. How is it going Jr Dreads? Welcome to the site. I need some reggae in my life.
  3. Welcome to Songstuff Les. Plenty of like minded people onsite for you hopefully mate.
  4. Welcome to Songstuff Ronja. I think that it's great that you have found your passion with the music. I enjoyed the 'Gamma Ray Ghoul' video. Atmospheric music - fits with the title. Good job.
  5. Welcome to Songstuff Jess. I like your intro. Hopefully you can find like minded people on site as well as the odd punk rocker or two. Good luck with your songs. Chris
  6. Welcome to Songstuff Richard. Plenty of like-minded people on site. Software Engineer - impressive pedigree and an interesting line of work. Hope you enjoy the journey.
  7. I enjoyed your story Mark. Welcome to Songstuff. I've been on this site for over a year - plenty of support here. Hopefully you can get what you need from it. Let's hear your songs. Cheers.
  8. Welcome to Songstuff Evie. I have been here just over a year. A lot of decent people, help and support on this site.
  9. The Move. Roy Wood is a songwriting genius imo. 'Curly' is my current favourite, though am into 'I can hear the grass grow' as well....pure class.
  10. Welcome to Songstuff Joseph.
  11. Welcome to the forum Palmiro. I hope that you enjoy Songstuff. Let's hear some of your work when you get the chance please.
  12. Welcome to Songstuff Charlie. I have been on this forum for just over a year - plenty of support and people to reach out to. That is quite a bio. You have some musical pedigree. 2,000 songs...Wow. Searingly honest about your shortcomings as well, sadly don't see that a lot online.....cheers for sharing that. I hope that you enjoy the forum.
  13. Hi Michael, welcome to Songstuff. Let's hear your songs....decent people here.
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