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ABBA - Mamma Mia [Metal Cover by ANAHATA]

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Dude I thought this was awesome. The vocals are pretty much perfect. Great harmonizing and chorus on her voice (a real hottie too). The guitar is great too. My only nitpick is the main riff with the bend sounds slightly out of tune. I play a lot of David Gilmour, so I'm really particular about bends ;-)


Overall fantastic. I was listening on repeat for 30+ minutes.


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Well... I myself did not play this on repeat, but I sincerely enjoyed the listen. Solid playing, plus a cute singer who can sing in tune. And you guys are easy to watch.


My wife went gaga for this, She's a huge, gushing Abba fan. She said I couldn't write unless I told you what she said.


Clean up her vocals, my brother. She doesn't need all that heavy reverb and crap. She needs effects, but they should be transparent. Instead of treating vocal effects like an icing, that covers over what is beneath, think of them instead as a transparent glaze, that enhances and gives luster, but is invisible to the eye.


Also, get her voice more out front. You play great, my brother, but she can actually sing. Take advantage of that. If she ever stops singing with you, you'll have the devil's time replacing her.


Great job, kids. More, please.

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fantastic cover and video...very professional... vocal and guitar spot on....far beyond my talent

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