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Hey ya,


My name's Hamish and Sphagnum Core is a musical project based in Sydney started by myself and friends many years ago in New Zealand. Basically, if there was ever a group of us together, along with some booze, and a 4 track we'd knock some sort of musical abomination together.


The results of this are a bunch of dodgy albums all up on Bandcamp under the names 'John Peter's Sings' and 'Sphagnum Core' - about 10 in all - dating back as far as 1981 (when we were all about 12 years old). As such, genre-wise,  it's a difficult call with 'alternative indie', 'experimental', and 'accidental' seeming the best fit. We got offered a recording deal with Flying Nun Records (a locally famous NZ indie label) way back in 1986 which we proceeded to screw up through laziness and inactivity.


At the moment S.Core is mostly me and occasionally my mate Anthony who still  lives in NZ and has been in it with me since 1979.


The latest is an album I wrote, recorded, and mixed on my phone while travelling to and from work on the train.  Unsurprisingly it's called 'Written, Recorded, and Mixed on a Train' and is on Bandcamp. I'm not sure if it's considered crap etiquette or not for a newbie to come in here and immediately start forcing links and embeds down people's throats so I won't, but our bandcamp page is easy enough to find I guess. I thought I read on the forum rules somewhere that you had to drop 20 forum posts or something  before you could start peddling your songs here but I've seen a bunch of embeds on this thread by other newbies so I'm not sure. I don't wanna piss off the natives! :)


Sorry about the length of this, but look forward to meeting y'all...



Taking Notes: Thanks for the info. Here's the link to the album. For those about to follow.... May God have mercy on your souls! :)


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Hi Sphagnum Core, you sound like a cool person permission granted by Captain Capo lol (I love it Jon I'm going with it 😂)  Enjoy!

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Hi Hamish,


Welcome to SongStuff! Enjoyed reading about your music project and hope to go listen to some of the music on Bandcamp. You can post a link on your intro as part of your introduction. But intro is intro.  See you around the boards. 




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