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Hi Everyone,


I've joined this forum to share my songs and discover new music from anyone who wants to share it. I'm 25 and have been playing guitar for 9 years. I'm a pretty mediocre guitarist, but love playing, writing songs and singing them. I would never class myself as a singer, as my voice isn't that strong, but I would definitely class myself as a songwriter.


I love writing songs & lyrics which are personal and honest. Most of my songs are created through my life experiences and tell a story in someway. I haven't ever performed live to an audience and don't intend to anytime soon, but I do upload my songs to YouTube. My plan has never been to make a living from music, it's always been a hobby. I just love writing songs. Before I share my songs with anyone, I always get a kick out of knowing i'm the only person in the entire world who has heard this particular song, out of billions of people. It's a nice feeling. 


Bands / Artists who inspire me are: Tom Delonge (Blink, Angels & Airwaves, Box Car Racer), The Dangerous Summer, Los Campesinos!, Tegan & Sara, Amy Shark.


I look forward to meeting other artists and hearing new music! 


I'll post links to my YouTube in another post in the right section, but for now you can search 'Lewis Fairbrother' on YouTube and you should find me. Some of my songs are '11 Boys' 'Voice Inside My Head' 'Photos' & 'Simple Melody'.


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Hi Lewis!


Welcome to Songstuff! There a lot of musicians around here that are in a very similar situation to yours! This is a great place to share music with other music lovers, and learn and teach others with your our perspectives and background. It's really great to have you around!


I'm really looking forward checking your songs and lyrics! Have a look around the different boards and check the ongoing discussions and critiques to make yourself a better idea of how things go around here. If you want to receive feedback from other musicians regarding to your songs, I recommend you to have special close look to the "Draft Song Critique" board, in the Songwriting section, and the "Song Critique" board in Recording and Production. Ideally, home recorded songs that include only one instrument and singing would go in "Draft Song Critique" board, since in the "Song Critique" there are other details to take into consideration for the critique of the song, such as recording, mixing, sound quality, etc.


If you have any question, regarding to the use of the forum, don't hesitate to contact us!


See you on the boards! ^^

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